How You Can Teach and Reinforce the Importance of Oral Hygiene

It’s probably not the first thing you think of when your child leaves for school in the morning, but oral hygiene can be an essential part of a child’s education. Teaching and reinforcing healthy habits early on is critical for avoiding problems later down the road. Plus, you’ll help them set healthy habits at an early age. Below are some tips that will help teach and reinforce good habits:

Make Your Dentist’s Trips Fun and Exciting

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Always prepare your kids for the possible procedures before heading to the dentist. For instance, if your kids need clear braces, prepare them by going through the before and after pictures online – this will motivate them.

Oral hygiene is crucial for children. However, they are still learning how to brush and floss appropriately at an early age, which means that parents must take the time out of their busy schedules to teach them healthy habits. Remember that actions speak louder than words – if you brush and floss daily, then your kid will follow the same example without fail.

Lead by Example

As a parent, you are the most influential role model that your children have. Therefore, it is crucial to lead by example when talking about oral hygiene habits because they will learn from what you do. 

One way is by being an excellent role model yourself. For example, children mimic their parents’ behaviour, so showing them how important it is for you to have healthy teeth will encourage them to do the same. 

Additionally, be positive when talking about dental health with your child. For example, talk about how important brushing and flossing is to keeping their teeth healthy.

Encourage Open Oral Hygiene Discussion

Offer to brush or floss their teeth with them. This shows your children that you are willing to take the time and effort necessary to ensure they have healthy mouths at an early age, which will prevent tooth decay and other oral issues from setting in later on. If possible, offer rewards such as stickers or candy when they do a good job.

When your children are older, you can ask them questions to determine what they think about oral hygiene. If they seem embarrassed or don’t want to talk about it, start by asking general questions such as “How often do you brush?” and then gradually work up to more specific ones like “Do you use mouthwash every day?” or “Do you like the flavour of your toothpaste?”


Teaching kids the importance of oral hygiene is paramount, and it starts at a young age. It will make their lives better in every way possible, making them more attractive to look after their health. For example, you can teach your children about good dental habits by showing them how you brush your teeth properly; this way, they can emulate what you are doing. You can also discuss topics like how to brush their teeth properly and what not to eat, especially sugary food that damages the enamel.

How You Can Teach and Reinforce the Importance of Oral Hygiene 1

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