Buying a new car

How To Save Money When You’re Buying A New Car


Buying a new car


Make Sure You Negotiate

First of all, make sure that you negotiate. A lot of the time, with cars, the asking price is not the price that you’re going to end up paying. Make sure that you’ve done your research beforehand so you can compare prices and go to the best place. Get them to name a price first before you start negotiating, and also make sure that you don’t name a price that is insultingly low. Make sure you compare the prices at multiple dealerships – a lot of places will price match if you demonstrate that you know your stuff. Take a good look at the car before you buy it – if you notice any minor flaws, you will certainly be able to get money off for them. For example, check out the tyres. If they are at all worn, you will probably have to replace them in the near future, so you could ask for a fresh set of tyres to be thrown in, or alternatively some money off.

Purchase a Warranty

So many people think they can get away without buying a warranty and live to regret it later. Particularly when buying a used luxury brand car where the cost to replace parts can be higher. It is always worth considering how you will fix your Mercedes if something goes wrong, a Mercedes warranty costs less than you think and offers outstanding cover for your car for 12 months with unlimited mileage and an extended unlimited mileage warranty would cover you for 24 months. These are the same benefits as if you had bought the vehicle brand new with new vehicle limited warranty cover.

Buying a new car


Go For A Used Car

It’s an absolutely excellent idea to go for a used car instead of a brand new car. A new car depreciates in value hugely in the first couple of years of its life, meaning that you could get a car that’s almost as good as new for a lot less money than you would if it was fresh from the manufacturer. Buying a used car also means that when it’s your turn to sell it, you won’t lose out on too much of the cash you paid to begin with. Check out a dealership like where you will be able to check out a lot of different vehicles to find out what exactly is right for you. Although you may have to compromise on issues like colour, that doesn’t really matter so long as the specifications of the car itself are what you need. It’s also a good idea to bear in mind that insurance is far cheaper on used cars than on brand new cars because they are cheaper to repair and replace.

Buying a car


Pay In Cash

Finally, do your best to pay in cash. This may mean saving for some time before you make the purchase, but it’s a much better idea to pay in cash so that you don’t have to deal with paying interest when it comes to your car payments. It is a big chunk of cash out of your account, but owning your car completely will be an excellent feeling.

You don’t have to go broke when you buy a new car – these tips should help you do the right thing!

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