How To Properly Prepare for An Outdoor Family Holiday

A holiday can mean a variety of different things to different people. Some of us like to jet across the globe and bask in the sun, while others want to explore the rich history of their own country. But these options aren’t the only types of vacation available.

The other option provides both a break from everyday life and can even help you develop some life skills, and that option is an outdoor camping holiday. This type of trip involves pitching a tent in the wilderness and surviving as best as possible. It doesn’t have to be a dangerous trek, especially if you are bringing the kids. But an outdoor holiday can present challenges you won’t find in a European villa.

Prepare for An Outdoor Family Holiday

This article will provide you with some tips on how to prepare for an outdoor family holiday. Read on for more!

Have A Contingency Plan

Driving far away from civilisation can be a rewarding experience if you do things properly. A tent should provide ample shelter for the holiday, and you can supply your food. You can do so by bringing something from home that is pre-cooked or using a campfire to heat it yourself. Some more daring individuals may also try to catch their food when they go camping.

These are all necessary to remember when planning a camping trip, but sometimes things go wrong. The weather could make sleeping in a tent impossible or prevent you from building a fire. That is why it is important to have a backup plan.

You don’t have to give up on camping completely, but try to make sure you have an alternative accommodation or food source if things go awry. You may have toughed these things out on your own once upon a time, but it is different when you are with your family. Also, it is worth keeping the car topped up with fuel for such contingencies.

The key to a good outdoor holiday is research. This means looking into your campsite’s opening and closing times, finding out if there are any local restaurants and knowing where all the convenience stores are located.

Prepare Your Activities

Family activities

Sometimes, the simple act of getting out into nature can be exciting enough for a holiday. Sadly, not all children feel the same. You are likely to want to participate in certain activities when holidaying in the great outdoors. These activities include nature hikes, fishing, water sports, archery and obstacle courses.

However, just because there is plenty to do on a camping trip doesn’t mean all these can be done in every circumstance. Again, the bad weather will prevent some of these activities, so try to adjust accordingly. Try to plan two activities per day, one that you can do outside and another in case that one is a bust. This is another reason to keep your car fuelled and a map handy.

Don’t Forget Your Essentials

It is fairly obvious that you will need a tent, food and bedding when you go camping, but your list of essentials doesn’t end there.

You are going to need to bring a light source for when it gets dark, a means of communication and a first aid kit. These objects are easy to remember on their own, but they also come with further items that are just as important. A light source will probably need a surplus of batteries to keep it operational, and your mobile phone will need to stay charged.

The list doesn’t end here, though. You are also going to need toiletries, blankets, and a way to entertain the kids without electricity. It isn’t hard to remember everything you will need, but you will find that over-preparing is the best way to start your holiday outdoors. For added preparedness, it can be a good idea to bring a weather station with you on your trips. These devices can prove invaluable, regardless of whether you have reception or not. Exploring weather station reviews will help you discover how these devices can suit your needs, ensuring that you’re well-equipped during your camping trips.

Don’t just find out what you need. Also, try to keep track of where your important items are. A good way to prepare yourself is by loading your car in the order that you are going to need things. After all, you don’t want to park up and unload everything on the ground just to get to your tent.

Wear The Right Clothes

Camping in the great outdoors is a wonderful and sometimes messy experience. When planning what you will pack, it is better to be practical rather than fashionable. You will want to bring a few nice outfits if you discover a nice restaurant nearby, but most of the time, you will want to dress carefully.

On a family holiday outdoors, you are likely to encounter rain, mud, insects, harsh winds, deep water and, sometimes, the cold. As such, you need to prepare your wardrobe to withstand all of these elements over a long period of time.

Luckily, snickers workwear provides all the items you will need when braving the elements. You can find waterproof jackets, durable trousers, hardy boots and hi-vis clothing all in one place. For a reliable place to find outdoor gear, check out Snickers Workwear.

Learn The Rules

Family camping

You have two options when taking your family camping. You can pitch up your tent in any part of the wild, or find a suitable campsite with all of your amenities at hand.

Most people camping with their family will choose the second option, but that does not mean you can ignore the following advice if you opt to camp in the wild. Try to look at the rules beforehand to ensure that you are staying safe at all times.

These rules may guide where you can camp at any time to avoid ruining your experience. It is also wise to do this even if you are an expert camper. Every campsite is different, and you could end the holiday early by not following proper guidelines.

Clean As You Go

A no littering policy is one of the most important rules that a campsite will enforce. It is common sense not to leave your discarded rubbish strewn about the place, but you will save more hassle by cleaning a mess as soon as you make it.

Campsite bins have a limited capacity. What’s more, they are often used by many people at once. You don’t want to be the person trying to force an entire week’s worth of rubbish into one bin just before you leave. Try to be considerate of those around you by disposing of your rubbish at your earliest convenience.

Plan your Journey Time

Some campsites will close their doors to new arrivals after a certain time. This is done to stop late arrivals from pitching their tents at night and waking up the surrounding families.

Also, pitching a tent can be hard enough on its own, so you don’t want to try and do it at night. Even if your campsite doesn’t have a curfew, try to leave at a time that will allow you to arrive during the day. That way, you will have plenty of time to pitch your tent and get a good meal in without interrupting those around you.


An outdoor holiday can be one of the best times your family shared, so try not to let a silly mistake ruin a good trip. Take our advice and prepare yourself for a well-earned break.

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