Solid Wood Flooring to Toys and Accessories: How to Decorate Your Child’s Nursery

Creating a nursery for your child is a wonderful time for any parent, but the process of creating a space that fosters growth, development, and fun is no small feat. From the floors to the toys and soft furnishings, curating the right pieces for your child will take time and plenty of creativity and forethought.

If you are looking to create the perfect nursery, then there are several tried and tested methods that will help to make your life easier as you prepare for and grow alongside your little one. From choosing solid wood flooring to ensuring you have plenty of storage solutions, read more for some ideas on creating a wonderful space for a growing child.

The Flooring

Child's nursery
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When it comes to flooring, there are many different options to choose from — though some will make your life easier than others.

Solid wood flooring is often the best option for nurseries. It will stand the test of time against spills, stray finger paints, and dropped toys — and make cleaning much less of a burden for you. Of course, you may wish to consider investing in a couple of soft rugs to make it suitable for children still learning how to find their feet.

Storage Space

The next thing that you will need to consider when you are decorating your child’s nursery is ensuring that you have plenty of space in which to keep toys and clothes. Your child will want to spend plenty of time in their nursery, but creativity can get messy, so you should make sure you have some storage space available to tidy the toys away when they are no longer being played with.

Consider investing in some storage units that can be hung on the wall to keep it tidy.

Toys and Decor

Child's nursery
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Young minds love to explore and take in their surroundings, and the best nurseries will offer them plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Of course, toys will never go amiss within the nursery, from soft teddy bears to early learning games. Decorate the walls with family photos and colourful prints that will inspire their own creativity.

There are plenty of accessories you can add around your child’s nursery to make it stand out, add those finishing touches, and make it personal to your growing family.

Make Sure it is Safe

While function over form may be the key to creating a home suitable for young ones, that needn’t mean sacrificing on style. Aim to keep the toys in easy reach, but any decor or practical items well out of reach of the areas they use for playing and sleeping. Fix shelves to the wall, and keep any fragile decor or photo frames at adult height.

Keep This Article in Mind

How to decorate your child's nursery

There are a lot of things that you will need to keep in mind when you are decorating your child’s nursery, but most importantly, it should offer you and your little one plenty of space in which to have fun and bond together. Make sure to take on board all of our advice to make this a room that they will remember forever.

How to decorate a child's nursery

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