How Can Pregnancy and Nursing Affect Vision

It is evident that a woman’s body undergoes many changes and difficulties during pregnancy and after its completion. We would say that these changes are mainly caused by hormones, which can also cause complications in a new mother’s vision. It is an incident that is observed in a relatively large percentage of pregnant women and should certainly not be ignored.

How Can Pregnancy and Nursing Affect Vision
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These changes are kept from the first trimester of pregnancy and can reach up to three months after childbirth and the child’s arrival. The symptoms and complications can vary from one mother to another, but in most cases, the vision changes are restored after childbirth.

Research has shown that half of the pregnant women will experience significant or less significant changes in their vision during pregnancy. Of course, these visual complications are not always responsible for a mother’s pregnancy, but they can come from severe health conditions. Therefore, with the detection of the slightest difficulty in vision, pregnant women are recommended to visit their ophthalmologist. Remember that prevention is the best treatment. At this point, vision problems during pregnancy can be divided into two specific time periods:

The first two trimesters of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is infrequent for a mother to notice sharp changes in her vision. Of course, in any case, mothers should be in close contact with their doctor for any treatment.

Third trimester to three months after delivery

During this period, most vision problems are identified in mothers, including blurred vision, dry eyes, and other visual changes that fortunately are not very dangerous enough. Hormonal changes change the balance in a pregnant woman’s body, which causes increased fluid retention in the eyes, which most often causes this painful swelling for mothers. If any changes in your sense of sight are detected, mothers should not hesitate to visit their personal ophthalmologist. Postponing the treatment in an initially minor problem can worsen the situation, causing more significant problems in the long run.

Vision Related Symptoms During Pregnancy

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Some many signs and symptoms can indicate whether you have an eye problem due to pregnancy. If you can identify your own case by reading the following symptoms, it would be best for you to visit and consult your doctor. But let’s see what the most common vision symptoms for pregnant women are:

Blurred vision

One of the most common symptoms of blurred vision, which is mainly responsible for the hormones in a woman’s body, is the change in the cornea’s shape and thickness.


Headaches are often responsible for the numerous vision problems of pregnant women. Difficulty focusing and blurred vision are sure to cause discomfort, nausea and headaches in pregnant women.


Another symptom that is not directly related to vision but is indirectly associated with it is dizziness and fainting. These symptoms first appear in the first trimester and are caused by hormones. The hormones cause the blood vessels to swell, which will affect pregnant women’s vision.


Auras are nothing but irregular flashes of light that appear in the mother’s eye and are more common in migraine cases – a common occurrence during pregnancy.

Sensitivity to light

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Several mothers have noticed their sensitivity to areas and situations of bright light, leading to migraines and severe eye pain.

So we understand that women’s pregnancy is a time period that draws our utmost attention to the prevention and treatment of various risks. Risks that can cause vision problems in young mothers and if not treated in time can create chronic problems. But a visit to an experienced and specialized ophthalmologist, such as the Aris Vision Correction Clinic, will ensure such a meaningful sense of vision and effectively deal with all those symptoms that can be caused in a woman’s most special period: her childbirth.

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