Hotter gave me #StyleWithASmile

Last week my Mum, Karin and I had a rare Mums night off and it didn’t involve a bar or a restaurant. Nope, as everyone else was leaving Queensgate in Peterborough we were heading in – it felt slightly odd to be in an empty shopping centre. We were heading for a special blogging event at our Hotter shoe shop.


It was an intimate gathering of just 5 or 6 bloggers and together with their friends or relative. I admitted on the evening I had never set foot in a Hotter store until that evening because I considered them a shop for the more mature community but I was about to be proved wrong?


Hotter shoes started out life in 1959 as manufacturers of slippers and the in the 1990’s they diversified into making shoes. Not just any old shoes, their plan was to make shoes with comfort ‘built in’ – the #ComfortConcept. Secret #ComfortConcept features in every pair include cushioning, flexibility, lightness and wiggle room for toes. In February 2010 there were just 5 Hotters stores but today there are 75!!!

Hotter fast facts;

  • The soles of the shoes made in the Hotter factory are filled with millions of air bubbles so you really are walking on air.
  • Hotter’s call centre, next to its Lancashire factory, opens 8am to 4am taking calls from customers across the UK and USA.
  • Hotter is the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer – making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds.
  • Hotter shoes for ladies are size 3 to 9 with some extra fit options all include #ComfortConcept
  • They colour-match each season with other major High Street retailers so that you can match your shoes to your latest fashion finds.

Whilst we were finding out a little more about Hotter, I couldn’t help but notice the shoes on Hotter Area Manager. They were exactly the sort of shoe that Hubby would go for and my immediate thought was “they aren’t Hotter shoes” so once the presentation was over I asked where his shoes were from and to my surprise they was indeed Hotter and they are still available. I also spotted another couple of pairs that I thought Hubby might like – he is a complete shoe nutter, he is ALWAYS buying new shoes.


During the evening we were encouraged to try on as many pairs of shoes as we liked. At this point, I would usually go into panic mode as I am not very good at shoe shopping thanks to various medical conditions with my feet and ankles but the staff at Hotter were brilliant at advising on the best styles to suit my foot shape. I tried on many pairs of shoes (which didn’t go unnoticed by the cameraman at the event) and yes I did opt for the very first pair that I tried on!!! The pair which gave me #StyleWithASmile was the Rumba because of the low heel and the t-bar strap which would help me to keep the shoes on, I also think they look a little bit ‘vintage’ which I absolutely adore!! Now I just need a night out so that I can show them off!

I very nearly bought myself a second pair, but truth be told, I couldn’t narrow it down as to which pair I wanted. I loved the Precious pumps but couldn’t decide on the Mustard or Flint, I liked the Essmy but was stuck between the Red and Dark Blue and I like the Kate for a splash of colour but I couldn’t decide between all colours!! So in the end I decided to come away with just my Rumba and will see which pair of shoes plays on my mind the most over the next week or so . . . which will it be???


DISCLAIMER: I was given a complimentary pair of shoes. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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