Holidaying in Malaysia with family

Malaysia is a favourite destination for families. The country and its people are both so friendly and welcoming of children. Moreover, it is very easy to travel around Malaysia. The country keeps the children happy and engaged, so you can keep free of all sorts of problems raised by the children. They remain excited and are full of energy and wonder as they travel cross Malaysia and enjoy its attractions. It is very convenient and not at all taxing to get around. Look out for Malindo Air promotion to take advantage of special flights, deals, and promotions.

Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

Enjoying Malaysia

Many people speak English in Malaysia, so it is easy to travel around Malaysia. There many things to do here and some great food to enjoy. The silken sands of Langkawi and the air-conditioned malls in Kuala Lumpur are sure to enthral both adults and the kids. For the adventurous family, the Genting Highlands offers an excellent choice. The highlands can be accessed only by cable car, and it is a unique experience to go deep into the ravines of the jungle and enjoy looking at the lush greenery around from your cable car.

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For the hot Malaysian days, one can cool off in the water parks, and each of them is just minutes away from each other. Be sure to sit in the Congo Challenge, Malaysia’s only six-lane racer water ride. Take the double–tube water ride that drops from great heights then goes up again. African Pythons will make you spin around in loops. It is really fun and excitement for the whole family.

The KL Bird Park is also popular with families. The largest walk-in free-flight aviary boasts of beautifully landscaped grounds. You will come across a butterfly park, a deer park and an orchid and hibiscus garden. Enjoy watching those hundreds of birds and butterflies in the parks.

Explore Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and after you have explored the city, you must definitely check the Penang Island when travelling to Malaysia as it is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

A comfortable stay and travel

Stay in family-friendly hotels and room specially designed for children. Some hotels have come up with unique themes for kids and offer great experiences. Make sure that you are never far away from the centre of the city or the touristic attraction.

Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

Just look for the most affordable flights to reach Malaysia or when you travel around the country. Kuala Lumpur to Penang is a popular route for most cities who prefer to explore both the cities. There are several airlines you can take from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. One can also travel by bus or rail, but flaying is still the most preferred option. When travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, Sentral Station is the main transit point in Kuala Lumpur, and the arrival point is the main Bus terminus in George Town in Penang. Look for variable times depending on the road traffic.

It is highly recommended that you check out the airlines as well as the flights on a regular basis. The idea is to book the best flight deals and make significant savings, especially when travelling with family. After all, there is no end to make a dent to your wallet during a vacation. Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Penang saves one significant amount of time and costs. One can enjoy the inexpensive flights as well as pick from the several flight times available. Do not forget to ask if the ticket includes baggage. Make the most of your trip and make it a memorable one for the whole family


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