Have you considered real wood window blinds

Have you considered real wood window blinds 1

Faux wood blinds are okay to look at but when it comes to improving your home’s eco-efficiency, interior décor and exterior appearance, it makes sense to invest in the real thing.

Handcrafted from ecological sources in the UK, the wooden Venetian window blinds from Thomas Sanderson are amongst the best quality window coverings you can apply to a home. Not because they’re popular (and they are popular), it’s simply because they are real – made from genuine materials by genuine designers.

Below, there is plenty of information on why to buy wooden blinds but for those who’d like to feel the real slats before investing, you can book a FREE design consultation right now.

Advantages of Handcrafted Wood Blinds

First off, handmade window blinds can be customised to any size and shape. So, whether you’re furnishing a loft conversion or a conservatory, the blinds can be cut, angled and fitted to match any type of window frame.

Beyond that, here’s a quick trio of benefits to consider:

  • Stronger blocking of solar heat
  • Over 95% of light can be repelled
  • Comfortable temperature control during summer & winter

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How your Custom Wood Blinds are Made

Every wooden slat is shaped by a professional in the manufacturing workshop but it takes more than just a bit of sanding to get your entire set created:

Wooden Blind Fittings

Who better to fit your custom blinds than the specialists who helped create them? If you order a bespoke window blinds service then you can expect a professional installation team to make sure the coverings are fitted exactly how they should be in your home.

You don’t have to do a thing. The real wooden blinds you ordered, made-to-measure, will be swiftly installed and you can oversee it all, watching your entire house transform into home you want it to be.

Beyond Installation

As mentioned earlier, real wooden blinds are about as eco-friendly as window dressings come. The materials are naturally sourced from local woodland, handcrafted to fit flush within your window frames and are made to last years. It’s because of this precise fitting that temperatures and light levels within the home are kept under your control.

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  1. I love how energy efficient and environmentally friendly wooden blinds are. I prefer them to the faux ones because I know that I am getting the same look, but the real ones are friendlier for the environment. I also love how wood blinds help you maintain a comfortable temperature in the home regardless of the season. I think they are a much better option that curtains.

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