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Every now and then, I like spending a night in with my girl friends. On some occasions we go out, party, but it can be a tad expensive. So we thought of an alternative and have a ladies night in where we don’t have to spend much. Whenever I invite my friends for a night in, I prefer it to be a perfect fun filled night with plenty of fun activities. Moreover, also try to be a good host by putting something to drink and eat. Below are some examples for the perfect ladies night in:


  • Snacks – A light starter or a snack like a popcorn, chips, canapés, nachos with dip are great for a night in. It’s also nice to have ice-creams and fondues as they are perfect for sharing. To up the fun, we all cook together or plan for a pot luck and see who is the best cook around.
  • Watching movies – To make the night in great, how about renting movie? Or er, perhaps watch a chick flick on Netflix or something. Movies like like Pitch Perfect, Legally Blonde Mean Girls, Friends with Benefits when watched with friends can be fun. Few glasses of wine, or soda, some popcorn, and your night in will be perfect!
  • Drinks – Can be repetitive, but yes, night ins should come with some great wine. When I invite my friends over, we try different types of wine, cocktails and vodka. Drinks are perfect for night ins, especially when you want to keep the conversation going.
  • Playing online bingo – This is our all time favourite game, whether I am alone or with a group of friends I enjoy playing on GameVillage Bingo. The site is known for its unique features, stupendous bingo and casino games, amazing bonuses to avail and lastly their in-house radio in which we listen to some foot tapping music any time of the day. Recently I spotted the site on my telly. It was just as unique.

Play on this bingo site if you haven’t yet and tell me what are your ideas for a perfect night in. I would love to hear from you.

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