Harvest Festival, apples and tears

This morning after dropping Little Bean and Beanie Boy their respective schools, Jelly Bean and went to Church and waited patiently for Little Bean’s school to arrive ready for their Harvest Festival celebration. I love the Church, it’s where all of my Beans were Christened and today the service was conducted by the man who Christened Little Bean over 6 years go. He had left the area but it’s nice to see that he has come back.

Because we had arrived early we managed to get seated at the front, I was hoping the constant stream of activity would help to keep Jelly Bean entertained and I was right. The Church filled up quickly with the children, teachers, helpers and parents so the Festival was able to kick-off on time.

Harvest Festival

Being right at the front meant that I enjoyed this year’s service so much than previous years because we were able to hear the children (bless them it must be daunting having all these faces watching you intently) and Jelly Bean loved it. He sang along, clapped, danced but mainly he ate. He is obsessed with fruit at the moment and loves his morning apple. He generally munches his way through the entire apple unless he drops it somewhere disgusting. This morning he dropped it right into the feet of Year 1’s performance so we had to say goodbye to that but luckily I had a bag of rice cakes on hand to help keep him occupied during the quieter parts of the service.

My proud Mummy moment came when Little Bean spoke out confident and loud for her group’s line. Her whole class did a brilliant job with clear voices and big smiles.

Harvest Festival

As the service drew to a close the parents were asked to leave the Church first. At this point I would normally wait and walk back to school with Little Bean but I got ushered along and was deep in conversation with a couple of the Mums. Before I knew it I was back at school so I waited to see Little Bean before she went back into her classroom. The moment she saw me, her little face broke and she ran to me sobbing. She had walked back with one of her friend’s Grandmas and had told them how she was upset that I hadn’t waited for her like I usually do. It took a lot for me to calm her down and eventually her teacher had to peel her from my leg and take her to the classroom leaving me feeling very guilty. I think lots of hugs and kisses are needed when I pick her up from school this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Harvest Festival, apples and tears”

  1. Oh bless her little heart! I’m sure snuggles and kisses will make everything ok 🙂 x
    My son didn’t want me to leave him at nursery this morning and a teacher had to hold him in tears while I left. He was fine less than 30 seconds later, they told me when I picked him up, lol x

    • It’s horrible leaving them when they are in tears isn’t it. In all her years of school and preschool I don’t think I have ever had to leave her crying so it did smart a bit. She was fine when I picked her up from school thankfully x

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