Happy 3rd Birthday Beanie Boy xx


Just look at my cheeky little monkey, its hard to believe that he isn’t a baby anymore, heck he isn’t even a toddler!! 3years ago this morning I gave birth to my first baby boy, a cute little bindle with a whisp of dark hair.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of him on his first day of life, I was still suffering the after effects of a spinal block since I had to have surgery for a third degree tear. Beanie Boy spent most of his first day snuggled in the arms of his Daddy where he felt very content indeed.

Beanie Boy has his own little tag line which he says to me nearly every day . . . “Mummy I make you happy”. And he does, on the whole he is an extremely loving little boy who is eager to please, he has a huge heart and is caring to others. He idolises Curly and Little Bean and is a fantastic big brother to Jelly Bean. I have to admit I was nervous when Jelly Bean was born that he would be jealous since he is very much a Mummy’s boy but he has amazed me, he is so full of love for his baby brother. If he cries, he comforts him or fetches him a toy and tries to make him laugh. He plays with him. He asks for cuddles with him every day. I am really hoping that their relationship continues in this way.

With Little Bean its a rollercoaster, they argue as brothers and sisters do, but pretty much from the moment we drop Little Bean to school he will ask when we can pick her up again. They have their fallouts but I am pleased to say that if either of them hurts themselves or gets upset they are right by each others sides with a reassuring hug.

As for Curly, what could be better than having a big, big brother to be able to look up. Beanie Boy wants to do what Curly does, he wants to like what Curly kikes  – he just loves his big brother and they rarely fall out.

I am such a lucky Mummy to have been blessed with four beautiful children, and today I am going to celebrate the three fantastic years of joy that my big brown eyed boy has given me.

Happy Birthday baby, I hope you have a great day and enjoy your party with your friends. I love you to infinity and beyond xxx

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