Happy 14th Birthday Curly!!

I was so busy in getting everything ready for Curly’s 14th Birthday in the run up to his birthday that I completely ran out of time to say Happy Birthday to our eldest Bean. Since Curly lives with his Mum we obviously don’t get to see him as much as the other Beans but he’s always with us in our hearts, he was our first afterall.


I personally have noticed a big change in Curly over the past year, in many ways I feel like he has really grown up a lot, emotionally especially. Being my stepson, we have had our ups and downs but that doesn’t make me love him any less but it always makes me question myself and my parenting of him even more. In the past year I have really felt that Curly and I have become better ‘friends’, he really talks to me now and I feel like I can be completely open and honest with him. If he sees that I am upset or having a tough time with the little people he will tell them to pack it in, he will make me a cup of tea (ah the healing cup of tea) and he will give me a hug. Sometimes I look at Curly and I wonder where on earth the last 12 years have gone since the small blonde mass of curls have gone but I am immensely proud of him. Coming from blended families can’t always be easy but I feel Curly has handled the changes in his life really well, perhaps it helps that his Mum and Dad have been with their respective partners for as long as Curly can remember. It certainly can’t be easy to have the 5 younger siblings that he has, I definitely think there have been times where he has had to take a back seat to the younger children in both homes and yet he never complains. We try our hardest to give each of the Beans some alone time with us, it’s not easy and it’s not as ‘regular’ as we would like to be but we try.

Thorpe Park

A few weeks ago, Curly had a friend over to stay to watch the Rugby and then on the Sunday the lads along with Hubby and Uncle K went to Thorpe Park for a lads day out. They had a blast and I think it was good for Curly and his Dad to spend some quality time together. They went on every single large ride they could find apart from one which they all drew the line at but they loved the ones they did go on.

Thorpe Park

Curly set me the challenge of making him a birthday cake which was ‘Misfits’ related this year, a TV program I have never seen so I had to do a little bit of research. It wouldn’t win any baking awards but I think Hubby and I did a pretty good job of the decorating and the main thing was, Curly was over the moon with it.

At the weekend we had family over to help him celebrate his birthday, he was most excited to see his Nan and Grandad as he hadn’t seen them for a number of weeks since Grandad has been poorly but thankfully is now back home where he belongs. Curly had been very worried so it was nice for him to spend some time with his Grandparents again.

So that’s the last of the Bean’s birthdays for this year, they all come and go far too quickly. Happy Birthday Curly, we love you xxx

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