Happily married for 5 years!!!!

This weekend Hubby and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary by having a night away by ourselves whilst my Mum stayed over with Little Bean and Beanie Boy. It seemed so strange being away from them and thinking back to 5 years ago before they were even here. In 5 years our lives have changed quite a bit. 5 years ago Hubby and I worked together, we travelled to work each day together, went to the gym together, we spent most of our waking (and sleeping) time together.


In the last 5 years we have added another 2 children to our family, we have moved house twice, we have laughed, we have cried, we have argued and we have made up. In the last 5 years our relationship has grown from Husband and Wife to Mummy and Daddy but one thing that hasn’t changed in 5 years is that we are still best friends and we are still looking forward to the next 5 years together and to see what they will bring . . .

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