Breastfeeding Myths & Tips

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding parts of early motherhood, the feeling of closeness you have with your child cannot be matched. The health benefits alone make breastfeeding a real plus for you and your baby. There are many tips you may have heard down the line as you were tracking your pregnancy week by week, unfortunately, not all of them are true, so how can you spot the myth from a good piece of advice? Here are some well-known breastfeeding myths and some genuine tips to help you through the first stages of your baby’s life.

Staying calm

Breastfeeding myths and tips

This is one of the more popular breastfeeding myths. Some mothers have been told that if they get themselves worked up or don’t get enough sleep their milk with either be tainted somehow or stop being produced altogether! This, of course, is untrue; women have been breastfeeding children through the most severe conditions and always managed to produce enough for their little ones, not to mention how hard it is to stay calm and well-rested with your newborn in the house!

Fairer skin, sensitive nipples

This is also a myth. There is no evidence that shows any correlation between the colour of your skin and you nipple sensitivity. Some women can feel sensitive from the early signs of pregnancy and others don’t feel anything until after their baby is born.

Drinking milk makes you produce more

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your milk is not the same substance you get in cold pints on the doorstep and consumption of which does not make a shred of difference to the production of your own. If this were the case there would be no vegan mothers out there. A craving for milky foods is normal so just go with your gut when you feel hungry or thirsty; the best thing for you and your baby is just to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Breastfeeding is more tiring than formula

This is also not valid advice. Getting up in the night to hear your child screaming and then having to prepare formula and calm them down is much more tiring than having the equipment at hand to sort the problem. The chemicals released from breastfeeding also make it easier to fall back asleep ensure a peaceful night for all involved.

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