Getting excited now . . . new build!

On the way back from a weekend getaway, my partner and I couldn’t resist the urge to check on the progress of our new house. The anticipation had been building, and we needed to put our minds at ease.

Navigating the ‘Off-Plan’ Experience


This is the first time either of us has purchased a new build house “off-plan,” and it’s been quite nerve-wracking. Fortunately, the house we desired closely resembled the show house, albeit with a mirrored floor plan. The only concern was the garden.

Garden Worries


Originally, our garden was meant to be spacious, with a main area and a separate section for our children’s play equipment. However, as construction progressed, we noticed that our “second” garden had shrunk considerably. A clause hidden in the fine print allowed changes to the plans as long as they didn’t affect our use or enjoyment, which we disagreed with. Despite our solicitor’s inability to find a way out, we decided to proceed.

Watching Our Dream Home Rise

The construction of our house has been remarkably swift, and it’s been exciting to witness its evolution week by week. A recent delay due to service issues on neighbouring properties may actually work in our favour, giving us extra time to prepare for the move, especially with a baby on the way.

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

06.06.10 612

Last night, we couldn’t resist peeking behind the fences to admire our new home. The kitchen cupboards are in place, the walls are ready for paint, and the patio and garden are taking shape. The foundation for our double garage is laid, and there’s even potential for a children’s playhouse behind it.

The Home Decor Adventure Begins

We can finally see the finish line and are eager to dive into decorating and adding the finishing touches. Despite our excitement, we’re being practical and reusing or updating our old furniture. However, our enthusiasm peaks when we think about decorating our children’s bedrooms. We want to create spaces that make their faces light up when they see them for the first time.

Share Your Insights


As we embark on this journey, we’re curious about your experiences. Which rooms take priority when you move into a new house, and why? How do you decide on themes for your rooms? Please share your thoughts and ideas.

5 thoughts on “Getting excited now . . . new build!”

  1. Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!
    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

  2. Ooo Ooo Ooo how exciting! I doubt I will ever be able to afford my own place but I would probably follow what my parents did which was to make the kitchen and bathroom functional and perfect as they are the most used really, you sleep in a bedroom after all 😉 x

    • It is exciting – and scary!! This will be the 3rd house I’ve co-owned but by far the biggest and nicest. The kitchen and lounge are fast becoming my “dreams” which is quite funny if I admit that I don’t actually do the cooking in our house – I just love decorating! xx

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