Future Forecasting: What Can Mums Learn From Stars and Numbers?

Future forecasting has always been a popular topic in the world of self-help books. It is not that people are hopelessly eager to find out what will happen tomorrow, but rather people are fascinated by the idea of being able to see beyond current events to predict future occurrences with accuracy.

Future Forecasting: What Can Mums Learn From Stars and Numbers? 1

As more interest is focused upon this age-old subject, it becomes easier for experts on the topic to be published authors, teaching how to unlock the secrets to seeing into the future. We will take a look at this topic and try to unearth some of the hidden gems that we can use for ourselves in order to get a glimpse of what awaits us on the horizon.

Angel Numbers and Future Forecasting

The first step toward future forecasting is often assigning meaning to specific things such as numbers and colours. Psychics at astrotarot.net believe that angels walk among us and the numbers associated with them can influence our lives through vibrations. For mums who believe in angels, it would make sense to use those angels as conduits through which the future may be seen. For example, when it comes to the meaning of angel number 1033, the repeating appearance of the same digits could be a sign from the divine. When the numerals 10 and 33 appear together, it is considered to be a powerful combination of energies and influences.Because there are so many different interpretations of angel numbers, it is often best to find out exactly what the specific number means to you before using that number in a forecast. The number series 1-9 have the following meanings:

  • 1 – The number one represents beginnings and new ideas, while the number two symbolizes duality and choices. It can sometimes mean inconsistency or indecision about decisions being made, while other times it stands for balance and harmony. 
  • 2-3 – The combination of 2 and 3 indicates growth and expansion, perhaps within business endeavors. It could also suggest travel or relocation to a larger home or building in order to accommodate more people; this change should be beneficial overall. 
  • 4-5 – Number 4 symbolizes hard work and dedication, while 5 is the number that means change. Combined, it may indicate that you are changing jobs to improve your life or moving to a new location for better opportunities. 
  • 6-8 – When 2 consecutive numbers appear together like this, they usually mean family. If you really want to pinpoint it down even further, 6 indicates stability in your home life while 8 often stands for generosity towards others. 
  • 9 – This is a very positive number as it represents endings and new beginnings. It’s the perfect choice for occasions such as graduation from school or college, or celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Once you find out what specific numbers stand for within the angel number series, future forecasting becomes easier. You can look at various events surrounding an upcoming day and try to predict what will happen based on the angel numbers associated with those events.

Stars and Future Forecasting

According to one school of thought, by knowing which stars were present when we were born it is possible to make predictions regarding what our futures hold. This system of forecasting basically involves dividing up sky-signs or constellations into 12 parts and then divining meaning from their presence over time. The signs serve as ephemeris indicating probable life choices and/or events that may befall certain types of individuals with specific birthdays. While there are many who purport that this method of divination is highly accurate, there are just as many people who claim that divisional star-sign reading is at best vague and can never be relied upon.

Numerology and Future Forecasting

Another system that has attracted the attention of millions worldwide involves numbers. This is different from angel numerology and is a forecasting school of thought that was brought to light by one Kreskin, aka The Great Kreskin, who recently published a book titled, “The World’s Foremost Authority Shares His Future Forecasting Secrets.” According to him, our birth dates harbour numeric combinations which serve as channels through which events will flow into our lives. If we understand these numbers then we can act accordingly to avoid unpleasantries or seize opportunities for gain.

How Mums Should Approach Future Forecasting

Future Forecasting: What Can Mums Learn From Stars and Numbers? 2

Whether or not such practices as angel readings, star divination, and number divination can be proven to work via scientific study is a topic of debate. However, what is not under question is the fact that astrology and numerology have been around for centuries now. That in itself makes them worth examining at least with an open mind before completely discounting them as valid sources for future forecasting.

Ultimately, it is up to each one of us whether or not we take time out of our days to try and better understand where our futures lie. While science has done a whole lot to help us in this endeavour, it certainly can’t answer everything. Thus, sometimes it is beneficial for us as regular people seeking knowledge outside the realm of scientific inquiry to take a step back and consider other possibilities which could serve as guideposts along the way towards greater self-awareness. 

Future Forecasting: What Can Mums Learn From Stars and Numbers? 3

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