Food and Drinks That Help With Quick Recovery from Food Poisoning

While contaminated foods and drinks can cause food poisoning, a soothing diet to the digestive system can speed up recovery. Just like any other sickness, food poisoning often results in appetite loss. It also comes with manifestations like diarrhoea, dehydration, queasiness, throwing up, and even fever.

Food and Drinks That Help With Quick Recovery from Food Poisoning

Based on the severity, the sickness can persist for hours or several days. The worst contaminant is usually Giardia lamblia which comes from raw, contaminated water and ready-to-consume meals. Food poisoning prompted by Giardia lamblia can last from up to two weeks.

So which is the ideal way to replenish lost nutrients after food poisoning? The most recommended solution by health experts is to restore lost fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients. However, you can’t go back to a regular diet. The ideal menu and beverages should be gentle on the sensitive gut. So let’s explore the ideal foods and beverages consumed during and even after food poisoning to speed up recovery.

Plain Yoghurt

Yoghurt helps to support your gut feeling. It’s also well tolerated. The trick is to opt for yoghurt with live and active culture. Probiotics help with digestion, and the fluid component works to keep you hydrated. The stomach illness tends to affect the balance of gut bacteria.

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Any individual that has suffered from food posing knows that they have to restore the lost nutrients. Ripe bananas are the most recommended food in the BRAT diet for individuals recuperating from a gastrointestinal illness. The fruit is rich in fibre, manganese, potassium and is easy to digest.

Ginger Tea

The most recommended solution for food poisoning recovery is to hydrate. But don’t rely on water because vomiting or even diarrhoea results in loss of electrolytes. Since water is isotonic, it will do you less good in restoring the lost electrolytes.

On the other hand, ginger tea is loaded with electrolytes; it relieves nausea, helps in rehydration, and aids digestion. To enjoy the anti-inflammatory boost of ginger, opt for the natural raw type, and instead of adding sugar go for honey.

Homemade Bone Broth

Bone soup loaded with vegetables is the ideal meal to kick start your digestion back after an illness. The soup serves to restore the lost electrolytes and prevent dehydration. Since it’s full of amino acids and nutrients, it will nourish the body and remain light on the digestive tract. It also has properties that mend the gut lining, and it’s super easy to make. To make a healthy broth, put enough bone broth in a pot, add favourite vegetables like chopped carrots, onions, garlic, Zucchini, and any other. Don’t forget to season the soup with sea salt.



No need to struggle to wonder which beverages and meals to consume when recovering from food poisoning. Toast, a component from the BRAT diet (applesauce, rice, banana, and toast), is an excellent addition for easing the digestive tract back to solid meals. Because it’s bland, it will help combat nausea. It’s also smooth on the digestive system and helps to firm up stool.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Consuming apple cider vinegar help to ward off stomach problems. The fluid component promotes hydration and replaces lost electrolytes.  It also has antibacterial properties that assist the body in fighting against pathogens. Don’t worry about the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar because it’s metabolised in the body to produce an alkaline effect.

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Potatoes provide the body with easy to digest carbohydrates, which energises your body. They are often available throughout the year, which means you can cook potatoes and replenish lost minerals and vitamins. The fibre in potatoes also stops constipation and boosts the well-being of the stomach. But how healthy a potato is depends on how it’s cooked. Baking or boiling it until soft are some of the few healthy ways to reap the benefits of potatoes and speed up recovery from stomach problems. When baked with skin, potatoes are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Food and Drinks That Help With Quick Recovery from Food Poisoning 1

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