Feng Shui Christmas Gift Ideas

Giving Feng Shui gifts for Christmas is a wonderful way to wish a loved one health, wealth, and romance, giving positive energy not just for the Christmas holiday season but throughout the new year.

Feng Shui, as a Chinese tradition, has made its way into the lives of people all over the world and good luck gifts and feng shui cures are excellent gifts to receive, also not forgetting lucky cats. Everyone looks for a way to achieve success and harmony in their lives, and Feng Shui can help. Although Feng Shui originated in China, people in many countries have adopted its ways and used its power to attract wealth, health, and even romance so the perfect gift. There is something about the power of Feng Shui and its connection to the universe that draws people to it. In Feng Shui, a house with a red front door means “Welcome”, so a good place to start.

Feng Shui Christmas Gift

Feng Shui is also known as Kanyu. Kanyu is the situating of buildings in a way that harmony surrounds it. Believers agree that Feng Shui is the way to bring peace and harmony and influence the attraction of things needed to succeed in life. Feng Shui believes that the earth is a living thing and has life and energy.

You may have heard people talk about the Ying and the Yang. That saying comes from the Chinese. When they build a building, the left of the building represents Ying or male force. The right side of the building is the Yang, or female side. Today Feng Shui has gone far beyond architecture and into the more personal aspects of designed living spaces to provide peace of mind in the natural world.

Buying Feng Shui unique gifts to decorate a home or office can help with the law of attraction and improve good health, leading to long life.The three most popular things in life a person covets are romance, wealth, and health. Own the right items with feng shui perspectives, and you can have all three.

A Gift to Attract Romance

People who want to attract romance often purchase mandarin ducks. Mandarin ducks are a potent symbol of devotion, love, and fidelity, not just on valentine’s day. To attract romance, feng shui tips that ducks always come in a pair. If the ducks were to get separated, legend says they would pine for each other, so keeping them together is instrumental in a partnership and marital bliss.

A Gift to Bring Wealth

Feng Shui wealth

Feng Shui can also bring wealth your way. One item you can keep around you to help attract wealth to an empty wallet is the three-legged money frog. The money frog is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. In your business or store, you can place the money frog near the cash register for prosperity. You must ensure the mouth is facing away from the register for it to work properly. The money frog should always have a coin in its mouth. Lucky bamboo plants can also attract prosperity to the home or business.

A Gift to Attract Health

Wu Lou is what is needed to attract health. Longevity of, life and health is what Wu Lou is for. It could be in the form of Chinese characters, bagua or wind chimes. The Bagua is considered the circle of life and is known to protect the home from negative energies. Wind chimes are practical ways also used for protection.

Negative Feng Shui

Negative feng shui

Spiky plants, thorny flowers and sharp objects in the home can create bad feng shui and lead to a lack of prosperity for the inhabitant, so avoid them whenever possible. A front door directly aligned with the back door causes energy, luck and prosperity to run in the front door and immediately out of the back door again, so avoid it if at all possible. The good news is that, in most cases, negative energies can easily be rectified with the relevant Feng Shui cure.

With a little bit of research into Feng Shui, discover all the important things and wonderfully unique Feng Shui gifts to give friends and family this year to help them succeed in ways that will enrich these special people and their lives for years to come.

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