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Fashion advice from a 1 year old?

Fashion advice When Lillie was a toddler and I went shopping for clothes, I would often hold up two items that I couldn’t decide between and see which one she picked.

More often than not I agreed with her choice and felt that she had chosen the better item of clothing.  Now that Lillie is approaching her teens she is a fantastic shopping partner and she will often tell me now if she thinks I look nice in something.

Ollie’s Fashion Advice

When Ollie was one year old and I was getting dressed before the school run, I picked out a summer skirt since the sun was shining and proceeded to put it on.

I hadn’t even got the skirt fastened before Ollie declared “no”. I looked at him and asked “no what?” as I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. He pointed to my skirt and said: “no, no, no”. I ignored him of course immediately took off my skirt, I don’t know why. I’m certainly wasn’t planning on being told what to wear by my 1-year-old son but it definitely made me feel awkward in it so I put it back in the wardrobe. I changed into a different outfit to which he said “yes” and then gave me a kiss!!!

The following day I was able to dress without comment but a few days later as I put on a maxi dress, he declared “no, no, no” but since it was one of my favourite dresses I told him “no Mummy is wearing this” and he walked out of my bedroom in a huff!

Whoever marries my little man could have a challenge on their hands!! Don’t worry, Mummy will try to train him before I set him loose on the ladies.  Even now that he has grown he is still very specific about what clothes he likes and doesn’t and will pull a face if he doesn’t think my clothes suit me.  By the same token though, he is very complimentary when he thinks I have got it right.

Do you or would you ever be swayed about what to wear from your children?


  • MumtoC

    April 1, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    Ahhhh bless – that’s so funny 🙂 xxx

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