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I would like to start this post by saying that I have not been asked to write this post by anyone, I just believe in pointing out when someone is doing a good job as we are always quick to point out when someone is doing a bad job so let’s keep the balance and say well done to those who go the extra mile.


Over the years since becoming a parent I have been a frequent customer at Kiddicare in Peterborough. Their staff provide service which is second to none, they are always pleasant, helpful and efficient, they are exactly what I would expect from anyone who works in retail. I worked in retail for 7 years and I always strived to give good customer service and so I expect the same from those who serve me too.

I have had to visit the Service Department at Kiddicare for various different reasons from punctures on my old Phil & Teds pushchair to broken parts on a high chair, car seat issues and a broken Maxi Cosi Noa. Each time I have visited the Service Department the staff have been so helpful in replacing the inner tubes for my Phil & Teds free of charge, replacing the broken Maxi Cosi Noa free of charge with a brand new one . . . time and time again they have given a no quibble service which has ensured that I keep returning to Kiddicare for new baby equipment because I know that they will look after me. Isn’t that the point of good customer service, if they look after you, you will return to them?

Tommee Tippee

We have two Tommee Tippee monitors which have served us well and are still going strong. Unfortunately just before Jelly Bean was born Hubby stood on the end of one of the adaptors and broke it. I sent an email to the Tommee Tippee careline and asked where I could buy a new adaptor for my monitor. They responded the next day asking which model of monitor I had, once I had responded they sent me a new adaptor free of charge – I was impressed.

Earlier this year when I was having to solely pump breastmilk for Jelly Bean I bought a Tommee Tippee electric breastpump when I couldn’t find my old Medela Swing. After a couple of weeks the pump stopped working for no apparent reason and so my intention was to take it back to the shop from where I purchased it. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months before I remembered to do anything about it and then I figured I had left it too long to take it back to the shop. In the meantime I had borrowed (and later bought) an Ameda Lactaline pump from my friend. After a few weeks the Ameda pump began making a funny noise and stopped working also. I emailed Ameda to ask if they offered a repair service so that I could continue using the pump but they responded to say that they didn’t offer a repair service because of the nature of the product?? I was a little confused as the pump doesn’t actually come into contact with any of the breastmilk, it’s just a motor??? Anyway, at the same time I emailed Tommee Tippee who asked a few questions about the pump and within a couple of days had sent me a new pump, again free of charge!!

So this post is my thank you to Kiddicare and Tommee Tippee because you DO care and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Let’s keep it going, who have you received good customer service from recently?

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  1. I agree with your post. I went to Lincoln this Wednesday for a wedding outfit as we’re invited to 2 weddings this year. My first stop was at Debenhams. After picking up many different items (about 10 I think), which were mostly dresses (as well you know, you can’t rely on what you like on a hanger fitting you properly when you fit into the ‘tall’ range, which a lot of shops still don’t cater for) . . . anyway I digress . . . the customer service I was impressed with is a girl who worked in the woman’s department.

    She obviously spotted that I was looking for something particular and asked me “Are you looking for dresses?” to which I replied “Yes, for a wedding”. She then asked me to follow her over to a couple of new dresses she had literally just hung on the stands which weren’t yet security tagged.

    She asked what size I was and then picked out the correct ones, and then mentioned that one of them was very flattering for your figure.

    I was completely suprised that she had noticed the items I had already picked, and in fact gone to the trouble of taking me to the actual items she wanted me to look at. I was very impressed by her genuine interest and helpfulness 🙂

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