Do you ever . . .

SpiderMumDo you ever . . .

  • walk around your house and wonder where all the mess came from? I’m sure I only tidied this a thousand times already yesterday?
  • wish that you could click your fingers and all the housework would be done? Washing, ironing, clothes put away, floors clean, carpets hoovered, beds made, bathrooms sparkling . . . you know the drill!
  • wonder what it would be like to have a servant – if only for one day?
  • pretend that you can’t hear the children arguing . . . again!
  • shut the kitchen/bathroom/lounge (*insert appropriate room) door with your children on the other side just for two minutes to gather yourself (and then feel guilty about it 5 seconds later!)
  • wonder how other Mums manage to make it out of the house looking so calm and collected WITHOUT shouting at their children?
  • wish it would rain so that your car wouldn’t look quite so dirty
  • use baby wipes to clean your shoes because you just haven’t got the time to crack open the shoe polish
  • use baby wipes to clean baby snot off your shoulder just as you walk out of the door
  • dream of having your own personal stylist/dresser like they do in Downton Abbey!!
  • Imagine how dull and boring your life would be if you didn’t have those little monsters that drive you wild with frustration but yet look sooooo sweet when they are sleeping and can give you a hug like nobody else ever can?
  • dream of becoming a Superhero so your children think you are cool!
  • have those days where your head just can’t seem to grab hold of one thread of an idea and stick with it?!

I do!

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