Essential Steps To Leaving A Toxic Relationship

Many of us will have heard the word “toxic” used about certain friendships, relationships, or work environments. If something is toxic, like a chemical or other substance, it harms your health. Attributing this word to your relationship then essentially means that the relationship itself is harmful to your health. A toxic relationship is a serious matter and something that should be dealt with quickly and safely. But there are some hurdles to overcome. Here are some of the key steps to take to leave a toxic relationship.

Speak To Someone

Leaving A Toxic Relationship

Often, especially in romantic relationships, our emotions can cloud our judgement and stop us from acknowledging the damage being done. So, once you start noticing some red flags in your relationships and realise that the person you are with may not be a healthy companion to have around you, it’s important to voice your concerns to someone else you trust. It’s very difficult to get yourself out of a situation alone due to how daunting it can be and having someone around who can give you emotional support is invaluable.

Consider Professional Help

In certain situations, contacting a professional that can assist you with this process may be worthwhile. For example, if you’re married, this situation can be slightly more complicated as you’ll have to deal with several legal issues. It can also be tough to leave a toxic relationship due to the psychological trauma and mind games that certain people may play, causing you to doubt yourself and your actions. Gaslighting in relationships is not uncommon, but it can be difficult to prove and identify. If leaving a toxic marriage, it’s important to seek legal guidance from lawyers specialising in family law, such as Harrogate Family Law. Professional guidance and assistance in a situation like this can be invaluable. A trained solicitor will help you get your facts straight and help you deal with the overall legal process. 

Cut Yourself Off From The Relationship

Breakups are rarely smooth sailing, and it’s common to feel like something is missing from your life, even after leaving someone abusive. The best thing you can do is to avoid contact with your former partner as much as possible to avoid doubt and develop the desire to let things go back to how they were. Ultimately, only you can make these decisions, of course, but remind yourself that there was a reason you left, and it’s not easy for people to change. Surround yourself with people that care about you and try your best to move forward with your life.

Develop A Plan

With the help of your support network, you should consider creating a plan to remove yourself from the toxic relationship effectively and with as little trauma as possible. This will essentially serve as a safety net and help you handle the overall transition. Find somewhere to stay, which important possessions you’ll bring and how you’ll get them out of your home quickly, and even plan when you’ll leave. Ideally, this should be at a time which will cause the least conflict. Don’t let this happen in a knee-jerk manner as you don’t want to create a hostile situation with screaming and shouting, as that will not help anyone involved.

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