How to Become a Travel Blogger with a Successful Career

Being a travel blogger full-time and calling it your career is a dream for many passionate travellers. Just imagine being able to travel, explore the world and meet all sorts of interesting people, all while earning money and working just a few hours a day. How can this dream become your reality? Here are a few tips on how you can also have a travel blog and reach great success through your adventures:

Prepare unique content

Become a Travel Blogger

Before you start making your blog and networking, it’s necessary to have a few blog posts prepared to go live. These entries should be unique and interesting to stand out from the sea of copy-paste blogs and one-and-the-same destinations. Make sure to research what people want to see on travel blogs by consulting Quora or Reddit questions, analyzing related queries on Google Search, checking the comments, etc. Once you get a list of topics, people are interested in, travel to provide interesting and compelling answers to travel questions. This will ensure your blog is useful for people, which is the first step to success.

Keep your day job

day job

It’s crucial to be realistic when starting a travel blog. It won’t take off immediately, and you won’t start earning money for a while. Therefore, you might as well keep your day job, especially if you can work while travelling, so you have a contact source of earnings to fund your trips. In time, you will start earning money from sponsored posts and affiliate links, but until that day comes, it’s better to have a safety net to fall on. If your job is too demanding to let you travel and explore freely, consider reducing your work hours or opting for a more flexible job.

Come up with an interesting name and domain

Domain name

It’s great to receive traffic from Google Search, but it’s also great for people to come to you through recommendations. And how can you recommend a blog to someone when you don’t know the name? Your travel blog needs a creative name that clarifies what people can find when they arrive. Come up with something logical and catchy, which is not hard to do with a personal website with a catchy domain like .me. With a combination of travel words and the .me domain, you can create a lot of interesting names for your brand that is very easy to remember and communicate to someone else.

Install WordPress


Once you have your name, domain and hosting down, it’s time to create a website. Take it slow with creating your blog because the looks and the practicality play a big role in your success. You can choose from many different themes and elements for your blog, but make sure to make it decluttered and readable. Including a few elements for easy navigation is necessary, like menus and search buttons. The rest is up to you, but ensure that your blog depicts the vibes of your content and travel style.

Learn about ways to earn money

earn money

Money won’t come quickly, easily and without great effort. However, there are various ways you can earn money from your blog and reach financial success— affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, freelance work, merchandise sale, consultancy, creating your products and services, etc. Through any type of monetization, make sure to keep your readers in mind and not “sell out”. Making a book or an e-book about a subject in travel you’re experienced in is a great way to earn money, but you can also look for partnerships with brands that fit your blog.

Employ social media

Social media

Today, most people use social media in search of answers to their questions, to browse new topics and to learn new information. Start a good social media profile for your blog on Instagram and Twitter. Finding the best times to post and the best formats can potentially go viral with your content and reach many people. Make sure to be active and post regularly on social media, but also comment on others’ posts, answer comments under your posts, and collaborate with other bloggers and influencers. Being a travel blogger is one of the most exciting and fun careers. Following these tips can also be a very profitable job that will sustain you, your family and your lifestyle.

How to Become a Travel Blogger with a Successful Career 1

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