Essential Gear To Protect Your Family During A Nuclear Disaster

Although nuclear disasters are rare, they are no longer remote possibilities. The areas with nuclear plants are at high risk, but no place is safe in the era of war and terrorism. Whether you are a seasoned prepper or not, you cannot afford to overlook the threat. Surviving a nuclear blast and the fallout that follows is a daunting challenge.

nuclear disaster

The explosion is scary, but the after-effects can lead to grave health hazards. Being prepared is the only way to be safe and protect your loved ones. Awareness gives you a good start, but you must also stock up on essential gear to protect your family. Here is a checklist to follow for safety during a nuclear disaster.

Potassium iodide pills

You may not consider a strip of pills as life-saving gear, but it can actually make a difference during a nuclear disaster. The drug can protect you from radiation damage and its long-term implications. It prevents the absorption of radioactive iodine by the thyroid gland and lowers the risk of thyroid cancer due to fallout. Remember to stock up enough pills and know the optimal dosage for your family members.

Essential supplies

Besides medication, essential supplies can help you survive indoors after the blast. Staying indoors is the best defence against radioactive fallout as it prevents exposure to harmful radioactive material. You must stock up enough to last a few months as you may have to coop in longer than you imagine. The essential list includes packaged water, non-perishable food, medicines, sanitation supplies, and batteries.

Protective gear

Protective gear

Although you may stay indoors for weeks or months after the explosion, staying at home for the long haul is not an option. You will have to evacuate once it is safe to step out and drive away. It is vital to have personal protective equipment like gas masks and hazmat suits for everyone in the family. Having them gives you confidence and peace of mind because you cannot be too sure about the contaminants in the environment even after the fallout settles.

A radio 

A nuclear attack or blast can disable the cell towers in your area, so you cannot rely on cell phones to stay connected. Likewise, you may lose internet connectivity. A good old radio can be the saviour as it enables you to get emergency broadcasts and instructions from the authorities. Getting updates regarding the fallout status, safety precautions, and the safest routes to exit is crucial during a nuclear emergency.

A first-aid kit

Whether you stay indoors or plan for evacuation, you require a first-aid kit to deal with emergencies. Problems like diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting can surface as the short-term effects of an explosion. You must have essential medicines to deal with these health problems and other common ones you may encounter. A first-aid kit also covers injuries at home and while travelling to a safer area.  

Think beyond the essential gear because you need common sense and a survival mindset to stay safe. Consider factors like the immediate surroundings, potential evacuation routes, and local climate. 

Essential Gear To Protect Your Family During A Nuclear Disaster 1

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