Ensuring Your Elderly Relative Is Provided With Appropriate Care

Unfortunately, ageing is not an aspect you can control, so as your parents or grandparents continue to get older, the more you worry about them. It can be particularly concerning if your elderly relative is living by themself, as they might not physically carry out everyday tasks that they would normally do and eat each day healthily. Depending on which stage they are at, physically and mentally will enable you to try to make the best decision. 

Still Independent – Requires Some Companionship

Ensuring Your Elderly Relative Is Provided With Appropriate Care
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If your elderly relative is still fairly independent and needs a bit of companionship, then you can sign up to a registered charity to ensure they can have a friendly chat with someone on the phone. You could also arrange for a volunteer to help with tasks such as doing the food shopping and gardening in between your visits. 

This would ensure they would still be receiving human social interaction, which is important to maintain as it can prevent their health from deteriorating even quicker. Studies have shown how a lack of companionship can increase mortality rates by at least 50% compared to older adults that are not isolated or lonely.

Semi Independent- Needs Assistance With Heavier Tasks

Semi-independent elderly relative
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They might be reaching the point where they are struggling to walk for long periods of time without feeling tired but can still carry out everyday tasks such as washing themselves. In this instance, you could contact a care agency so that a professional carer can visit your elderly relative in their home. They would carry out tasks such as housekeeping duties, collecting prescriptions and assisting them on days out with their friends. 

Mobility Issues – Requires Assistance At Home

Mobility Issues - Requires Assistance At Home
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If you and your other family members cannot move in with your relative and require help daily, you can arrange for a healthcare professional to visit them in their own home. The qualifying nurse would help them wash, dress, prepare meals and ensure they take any medications. There would also be the option of selecting 24-hour care if you are concerned about them being left alone at any time. 

No Longer Able to Live Independently- Research For Care Homes

No Longer Able to Live Independently- Research For Care Homes
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When they reach this stage, it is no longer safe to leave them on their own as they cannot look after themselves and pose a threat of inflicting injury by falling over unassisted. It is important to research in advance to ensure there will not be any issues, whereby contacting a nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys would be necessary. 

It would be upsetting to realise that you rushed your decision-making process and did not check whether the care home you selected provided good quality care. After all, your elderly relative deserves the very best treatment. 

Ensuring Your Elderly Relative Is Provided With Appropriate Care 1

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