3 Sure-Fire Ways To Support Your Parents As They Get Older

Everyone likes to think of their parents as they did when they were younger. You remember the piggybacks your dad used to give you, baking cakes with your mum for the school fete, and those family days out playing games on the beach. Fast forward to today and your mum and dad are no longer spring chickens. The hair may have receded, the wrinkles may be visible and they may be a little slower than they used to be. As they head into their twilight years, you want to be there to support them. Take a look at these three ways that you can support your parents as they get older.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Support Your Parents As They Get Older 1
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We all hear the stories of charlatans knocking on old people’s doors to con them out of their savings. To help your mum and dad when it comes to these unscrupulous individuals, you need to ensure that you are there for them no matter what. If they have a query about a financial matter, let them know that you are there to help. With any luck, your mum and dad will have savings and will have prepared for their retirement. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t need advice when it comes to doing what is best with their cash. Suppose they are considering home improvements to make their pad more ‘elderly’ friendly, check out the different types of reverse mortgage available. This way, your parents can release equity from their home to enjoy giving them financial freedom in their twilight years.

Medical Care

As your parents grow older, they may have more ailments than they did when they were younger. The odd niggle in their joints and forgetting where they have put their glasses is normal, but if your mum or dad are getting lost when heading out for a walk, they are feeling anxious and isolated, or they forget to shower and cook food for themselves, there may be a more serious neurological issue at play. Dementia requires specialist care so you may need to investigate home help or residential care. If this is the case, you will need to tread carefully and make every decision with your mum and dad. You cannot afford to break your bonds of trust with a delicate matter that will see some of their independence removed.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Support Your Parents As They Get Older 2
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Move Them In

If your mum and dad are fit and healthy but you want to keep a closer eye on them, think about moving them in with you. You might want to invite them to stay for a weekend or two to test the waters. Having a parent live with you will inevitably change the family dynamic of your home. Sure, it sounds great to have free babysitting services and they will love spending time with their grandchildren, but they might not be used to the hustle and bustle of a busy home. It can take some getting used to this great cultural shift for you and your parents.

Your mum and dad are precious to you and you want to do the best by them. Put them at the centre of any decision you make and do everything in your power to support your parents as they get older.

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Support Your Parents As They Get Older 3

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