Enjoying Your Pregnancy: 9 Amazing Tips

Every woman knows at least one horror story about pregnancy: weird cravings, crazy mental state, morning sickness, sore back and swollen feet, non-stop peeing and 24-hour deliveries. If you’re pregnant or plan to stay with a child, these stories might make you very worried. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this article to tell you that pregnancy doesn’t have to be a nightmare! Here are a few tips to allow you to enjoy your blessed state and have nothing but happy memories of your pregnancy

Enjoying Your Pregnancy: 9 Amazing Tips

Rest plenty

Here’s some good news, you need to rest a lot in pregnancy. Your body is changing rapidly during pregnancy, so you need plenty of rest during the day. Take plenty of naps and use your downtime to connect with your baby. You can sing them songs, tell them stories or talk about your day out loud, and your baby will still get to enjoy your voice and connect with you. Try to involve your partner as well—it’s a great bonding exercise for the entire family. 

Write in your diary


Grabbing one of those pregnancy diaries is a great idea. It will allow you to document your pregnancy and turn it into a precious and therapeutic experience. Capture all the pregnancy moments—the good and the bad. After your baby is born and you get nostalgic about your pregnancy days, you can always turn to your little journal. 

Take a parenting class

If you harbour a lot of stress, arm yourself with knowledge and prepare yourself for all the surprises that might be popping up in the future—it’s a great way to reduce anxiety. Take a parenting class to work on your confidence and gather some tips on what your baby needs and how to improve your pregnancy experience. It’s also another way to connect with expecting parents. 

Meet other mums

Meet other mums

Another great thing about pregnancy is that you’re bound to meet other women in the same situation as you. If there are no expecting mothers in your friend circle, you can download the Mumli motherhood app and connect with moms from all different parts of the world, stages of life and levels of pregnancy. You can share tips about conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood, enjoy the support, create connections and even get some friends for life. 

Try prenatal massage

If you’re feeling anxious and scared, some human touch will soothe your soul. Order a massage, and it will relieve the pain in your muscles, reduce tension and boost overall wellbeing. There is plenty of proof that touch helps with physical and mental health, so enjoy a massage whenever you feel like you need some relaxation. If you’re planning to breastfeed, massage can boost milk production, so it’s a win for you and a win for your baby. 

Get some exercise

Pregnancy exercise

It’s well-known that exercise affects mood, reduces anxiety and keeps depression at bay. Exercise in pregnancy can also boost your endorphin production, which makes you happy and helps with pain regulation—that last point is crucial for pregnant women. And don’t think you need to hit the gym or go running to get some physical activity! A light walk, a few laps in the pool or some prenatal yoga will feel very good. 

Eat well

A balanced diet has many benefits—weight control, better immunity, more energy, improved mood, longer life, etc. While you might have some crazy junk food cravings while you’re pregnant, make sure to take control of your diet and pay attention to nourishing your body. This will give you enough energy to feed your kid and supply it with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Talk to a therapist


If you notice the depression creeping in, you might benefit from therapy. This self-care activity will allow you to understand better your feelings, have more understanding for others and build authentic bonds with people around you. When you’re really struggling, a professional can do wonders for your mental health. 

Think happy thoughts

This is easier said than done, but try as hard as you can to stay away from all those pregnancy horror stories. While bad things happen during pregnancy and delivery, most of them end with a healthy baby and a happy mother. Every pregnancy and every mother is different, so why do you have to be negative—your pregnancy can end up being a piece of cake! If you do your best to banish negative thoughts from your head, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your pregnancy much more.  

9 months might seem crazy long, but your pregnancy will be over sooner than you think, so make sure to enjoy this special time as much as you can. If you keep a positive outlook and take care of your body and mind, everything will be more than fine. 

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