Easy Self-Care Routines Busy Mums Can Do 

Motherhood is a lot of work, and with such busy daily schedules, most mums may forget to take care of themselves. In fact, a TVbed.com study found that mums get only 17 minutes to themselves per day. The lack of self-nurture or care can take a big toll on a mother’s well-being. It can negatively impact your emotional and mental health, which, in turn, affects your ability to take care of your responsibilities. That’s why practising self-care techniques is as important to your family’s needs as it is to your own. With your busy schedule, here are simple ways you can still practice self-care daily. 

Skincare as a Way to Pamper Yourself

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Nothing says self-care than treating yourself and feeling pampered can improve your mood. Now, you may think this involves spending a day or two at a spa or going on a holiday. However, for most busy mums, finding time to do these things can be almost impossible. That’s why using skincare products is a great daily activity mum can do in order to pamper themselves. Skincare is self-care because its soothing and calming effects can reduce your stress levels, anxiety, depression, and improve your mental health as well. Using expertly formulated skin products can also reduce discolouration, wrinkles, and other skin conditions, so medical-grade products such as SkinCeuticals can help to boost overall skin health. Even something as simple as putting on sunscreen every day can bring a feeling of being pampered while ensuring your skin is protected. 

Engage in a Mindful Activity

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As a mother, you may get lost in your daily routines and responsibilities, eventually losing your sense of self in the process. This leads to stress and feeling burned out, which are bad for your mental health. According to experts, parental stress or burnout may become severe enough that you can’t overcome it on your own. To avoid this, you need to stay connected to yourself, and there are several ways to do this. First, you can meditate, which you can do for about 15-30 minutes a day. Meditating allows you to take a breather and focus on yourself. Next is journaling. Spending a bit of quiet type on your own where you can write a few words reflecting on your day can help to ease stress. Finally, engage in a simple hobby, like reading a book you like or doing puzzles. Doing these activities can help you reconnect with yourself and calm your mind. 

Keep in Touch with Friends


Having a social life is actually a form of self-care. Experts have found that social isolation has been tied to health issues that rival those of smoking and obesity. Mothers may not be physically alone if they’re with their children, but interacting with an infant or toddler is hardly an advanced social relationship. So make sure to spend some time with your friends a few times a month, even if it’s just having lunch together or having a picnic in the park with your children in tow. 

Self-care is very important, especially for mums with busy lives. Consider taking a few minutes every day for some simple self-care activities that can boost your happiness and wellbeing. 

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