What makes an Electric Heater Lot 20 Compliant?

Lot 20 compliant electric heaters are the latest model machines that use automatic heat adjustment, have digital features embedded in them, and use motion detectors and sensors. These heaters are eco-friendly and help save lots of energy, bringing down the heating cost for the consumers. The heaters come loaded with advanced features like distance calculation and heat adjustment, advanced timers, and open window detection.

Best Lot 20 compliant heaters

Lot 20 compliant

Lot 20 is nothing but a set of rules every heater and radiator manufacturer should follow to make their products consume less energy. The purpose of releasing these guidelines is to make the entire country use less energy and save money for the consumers. Since heating systems consume a significant amount of energy charges, Lot 20 rules specifically concentrate on local room heaters that release more than 250w.

The aim is to modernize all heaters and radiators, consuming less energy and making them more environmentally friendly. Best Electric Radiators in the UK is a top company manufacturing several models of Lot 20 compliant panel heaters and radiators. Mylek, Intelligent Heat UK, and Dimplex also produce heaters for local and international markets.

Eco-friendly nature

The best feature of the Lot 20 compliant heaters is that it is very eco-friendly. Standard heaters run on fuel like gas or electricity and release enormous heat into the atmosphere while warming your room. Lot 20 compliant, the heaters must use digital devices, thermostats, and timers compulsorily, which help in reducing the heat released externally. They also consume nearly 7 to 20% less energy or fuel for heating your premises which is the main advantage.

These eco-friendly users are available widely in the market, and it is possible to upgrade recently purchased heating systems into Lot 20 compliant ones. Enquire about eco-friendly products to use in your homes to stay updated and environmentally conscious in your daily life.

Energy-efficient rating

energy efficient

Lot 20 compliant heaters come with an energy-efficient rating for each product, from the base to timers. All the key parts used in the heater, like a thermostat, timers, and distance detectors, must be 2 to 5% more energy efficient. The motion detectors in all the Lot 20 compliant heaters reduce the heat automatically when nobody is moving around in the room.

The advanced sensors turn off the room temperature at a certain point if there is no heat or it does not detect any human presence. Such features help save the electricity cost or the machine’s gas, bringing down energy consumption charges considerably. The base heater itself must have a nearly 30% energy efficient rating which means it uses substantially less current.

Easy to use

Lot 20 compliant heaters are quite easy to install and use as most of them have digital panels and indicators. Most of their features are automatic, and there isn’t much you need to do to adjust the heat manually. They are installed very quickly on a wall panel compared to the complex installation of the old heating systems.

Many of the Lot 20 compliant heaters have less weight than the old ones. So, they are mounted on the wall easily, stand alone as a sleek home device, and can get plugged in to use. They will start working by pressing a few buttons, and you can program almost all elements according to your comfort. Even children and older adults can use the Lot 20 compliant heaters without fear as they come loaded with many safety features.

Futuristic heaters


Lot 20 compliant heaters are the future, and landlords and homeowners must switch to the new heaters. Replacing the old heating systems might feel like a chore, but upgrading to Lot 20 compliant machines will consistently save you energy bills. They are costly to buy initially but save you lots of money over the years, and most do not cause any repair. 

Ceiling infrared heating panels are a great option for those who want to save money on their energy bills, as they can help to reduce the amount of energy used for heating. They are also safe to use, as there is no risk of fire or burns from touching the panel.

Since all the heaters will be required to upgrade soon, it is better to invest in Lot 20 compliant heating devices. The government will gradually remove the old models from the market, and only the new futuristic ones which do not cause any harm to the environment will be present. It is easy to buy, repair, and install, making it ideal for all customers.

What makes an Electric Heater Lot 20 Compliant? 1

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