Dreaming of a new laptop!

Thinking back to when I first went onto maternity leave just over 5 years ago I had never even touched a laptop and now I have just about worn out my third laptop. I remember being frightened of using a laptop and saying that I would never get used to such a flat keyboard or the funny little mouse pad, now it’s like an extension of my hands.

My first laptop came as part of my work from home job organising Software Installations and Training for a Computer Software Company in the Motor Industry. They said that my laptop could be for personal use too and I loved it. I had a red 17” Dell Inspiron, I loved the huge screen and the shiny keyboard with the red cover. Two years later, my love of photography and music took it’s toll on my dearest Dell and it was sadly laid to rest.

Next came a 15” Toshiba Satellite Pro which after my 17” Dell felt inferior, tiny even. I moaned that it made my eyes sore when straining to look at the screen but of course I quickly adapted and soon came to love the Toshiba as much as my Dell. Then in a sleep deprived state one evening I dropped it whilst walking across the lounge. I broke the disc drive and the screen became a bit ‘clicky’. It all seemed to slow down and become a little less efficient. Everywhere I looked others were raving about their MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, something I had never come across before. One evening I went to a friend’s house to work on my website and my battered and bruised Toshiba felt shoddy and tired in comparison to their super-speedy MacBook Pro. I tried switching to using my iPad for a while but I needed something bigger and I missed a ‘real’ keyboard.

Buy Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MD212B/A, Intel Core i5, 2.5GHz, 128GB Flash, 8GB RAM, 13.3" Online at johnlewis.comSince then I have been using an even smaller Toshiba Netbook, again it took some getting used to but I liked how light it was and the fact that if necessary I could keep it in my changing bag. It doesn’t quite have the capabilities of it’s predecessor but it has been my partner in crime. Now though, I find as I walk through the shops that I give myself whiplash as I walk through the technical departments of superstores and my eyes catch sight of the MacBook Pro, I feel like I would indeed be a ‘grown-up’ with a computer like that.

What do you look for in a laptop? Which one is at the top of your wish list?

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