Deep Clean Washing Machine Tips

Often we don’t think about reading the user manual reference cleaning the appliances that do a load of laundry cleaning for us. But, even the best washing machines can get dirty over time thanks to things like cold water cycles, limescale, detergent dispenser drawer or detergent drawer and a build-up inside your machine.

Not cleaning a dirty washer tub can often mean marks appearing on your clothes when a wash cycle is finished and shortening the life of your machine itself. However, using the hottest water on top of your washing machine is easy, and giving it a deep clean is simple. Here is how to deep clean washing machine in your laundry room. 

Why Deep Clean Washing Machine? 

Deep clean washing machine

In truth, it may not have crossed your mind to give your front load washer a good cleaning to remove the remaining moisture; after all, soapy water is running through it often and occasionally on the hottest cycle. But there can be a build-up of limescale that can cause stains on your clothes and also cause your dirty washing machine to not work as great as it should on the rinse cycle. 

What areas of the washing machine need attention?

There are a couple of areas of the front loader and top-loading machine that will need your attention when looking for the best way to give it a deep clean and keep in pristine machine condition. Here are some of the ones you will want to focus on:

  • The door on the inside and out 
  • The rubber gaskets and rubber seal on the door rim of front-loading washers
  • The washer drum 
  • The washing machine filter 
  • The inner water pipes 
  • Fabric softener dispenser
  • Detergent tray

Some of these things can be accessed with an all-purpose cleaner or fresh washing machine cleaner and a dry cloth or sponge. Still, there are a few things you can also do to flush out the inside of the machine thoroughly using a cleaning cycle recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions, getting rid of any limescale, mildew growth and mould growth. 

How do you deep clean your washing machine?

Deep clean washing machine

So now that you know why and where to focus your attention, here is the low-down on the first things and next steps on how to deep clean your washing machine. 

The washing machine door

The washing machine door on a front-load washer or top loader gets quite a bit of build-up of mineral deposits. Much detergent residue, believes it or not, so the first thing it is a good idea to carry out regular cleaning with either afresh tablets or cups of white vinegar or cup of water with a damp cloth to give it a full clean and get rid of bad smells, no one wants a smelly washing machine. You can also clean the outside of the machine while you are doing it. 

The rubber rim 

This is one of the big areas where deep cleaning is a must as mould and mildew can build up, so a first step and great tip are to get weak cups of bleach or cups of vinegar again and spray the inside of the rim. With a damp microfiber cloth and warm water, begin the cleaning process and get right in there and scoop away any soap scum or dirt found in the door seal. You will be surprised by how much dirt has built up even on a normal cycle; an old toothbrush would be ideal for this task. 

Simple steps to preserve the seal’s life are to rub with tea tree oil or essential oils as the easiest way to stop the rubber from deteriorating with regular water temperature during the longest cycle and a clean cycle.

The washing machine drum 

Not one of the easiest parts to clean is the washing machine drum. You can get some bicarbonate soda crystals or baking soda and pour white vinegar into the machine. Alternatively, That’s all the preparation you need to do, as you will use a wash / rinse cycle for the rest. 

The inner water pipes 

While you are cleaning the drum, the pipes will get hit with the vinegar and bicarbonate soda mix giving them a great clean throughout the cycle and removing any hard water deposits. Just make sure you choose a hot wash. You can also use a dedicated washing machine cleaner for this part but stay away from harsh chemicals. 

The filter

The filter is often the part that is forgotten, often a lint trap. It is usually located at the bottom of your machine. Quick tip cleaning solution, make sure you have towels lined underneath the machine and a tray to catch the water, as it will leak as soon as you open it. The filter has removable parts, so you can clean the filter in the sink with a sponge and some white vinegar, a cup of bleach or antibacterial spray. Completing this process on a regular basis will give the best results and make for a clean washing machine and, in turn, clean clothes.

What next?

Deep clean washing machine

Finally, once you have focused on these areas, it would be a good idea to run the washing machine on the hottest setting cycle with your usual washing liquid or laundry detergents. This will ensure that any cleaning products you have used, such as bleach, perhaps, will be thoroughly washed away so that they won’t affect your clothing on your next wash cycle. 

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to deep clean either your top load washing machine or front load washing machine with the aid of hot water and prolong the life of the machine and should eradicate the need to purchase a new washing machine. 

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