Redesigning your interiors in a refreshing, invigorating style

Your interiors have a big impact on your energy levels. Recent studies have shown, for instance, that biophilic design—a refreshing, nature-centric design movement that seeks to blur the lines between design and nature—can lift the mood and reduce stress. Meanwhile, darkly designed interiors can inspire power, mystery, and drama. If you wish to prioritize light over darkness, colour over minimalistic neutrality, and lively plants over inert decorative objects, it might be time to jazz up your interiors with a few invigorating touches.

Embracing the Power of Plants

Redesigning your interiors

According to the Office for National Statistics, remote work is still enjoying a boom in the UK. In fact, in the Spring of 2022, around 38 per cent of working adults reported working at home during some parts of their working week. Studies have shown that plants boost productivity, so if you have a home office, fill it with life with plants of all sizes placed at different levels. For instance, you might have a large statement pot in one corner of your room, potted plants on shelves, and vine plants hanging from wooden beams or high pieces of furniture. For something a little more dramatic, an indoor tree such as a calamondin orange tree will add colour and a beautiful, citrus, Mediterranean fragrance to your interiors.

Letting the Light In

Natural light makes human beings happier and boosts alertness, and whether you are working or just relaxing, it is a must for most savvy interior designers. Sunlight is actually a proven way to lift the mood in winter, when the seasonal blues can set in. Natural light boosts alertness, helps your inner biological clockwork in sync with the day-night cycle, and warms up your interiors. Knocking down walls and replacing them with floor-to-ceiling glass doors is an ideal way to both connect your indoor spaces with the Great outdoors and enhance the mood of your home’s dwellers. Additional options include installing a skylight and/or expanding the size of existing windows. Back these changes up in the winter with brightly coloured throws and blankets and artistically shaped pots containing plants and/or stones and other natural materials.

Colours that Inspire

Redesigning your interiors

Colour is a key pillar of invigorating design. Research indicates that warm tones like red, orange, and yellow, for instance, evoke warmth. Green conjures up images of nature, growth, and freshness. Yellow, meanwhile, inspires joy and hope. These bright, happy hues work well in common areas like kitchens and living rooms. Bedrooms benefit from simpler, more relaxing colours like pink, lavender, or blue since the aim in these areas is to unwind and feel a sense of peace.

Fantastic Fragrances

Interior design is not just about visually aesthetic elements but also about those that appeal to other senses. Consider purchasing a pretty essential oil diffuser to fill your living room or bedroom with energizing essential oils like orange, bergamot, and lemon. You can also harness the mood-enhancing benefits of fragrance through candles, flowers, and freshly baked cookies.

Incorporating plants into your interior design is a magnificent way to lift your mood and add colour and life to your interiors. Additional means to reinvigorate your living spaces include choosing bright colours and pampering your senses. If essential oils are your thing, make sure you opt for therapeutic-grade oils in dark bottles. Lavender will calm you, while citrus elements will energize you and get you ready for a day or a night on the town!

Redesigning your interiors in a refreshing, invigorating style 1

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