How a Los Angeles Trip Can Delight Your Whole Family

You should visit certain cities in America at some point during your life. New York, Chicago, and Boston all qualify. You might visit Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Las Vegas as well.

Today, though, we’ll talk about a Los Angeles trip, one of America’s greatest cities. You should visit there with your family when you get a chance. This city makes dreams come true, and it can captivate and dazzle anyone who spends any time there.

Consider Flying or Driving

Los Angeles Trip

Flying to Los Angeles might be the best idea if you don’t like bumper-to-bumper traffic. Piling into your family sedan or minivan and heading out to the Wes Coast might appeal, but it may not sound all that relaxing if you have several kids.

The NHTSA says distracted driving kills 280,000 people yearly. You might join that group if you try driving to your hotel through Los Angeles rush hour traffic. Flying into LAX probably makes more sense. 

You can get a convenient shuttle to your hotel or grab a cab or an Uber. That way, you can relax and let someone handle the transportation chores.

Visit Santa Monica

How a Los Angeles Trip Can Delight Your Whole Family 1

You might stay in downtown LA. You should avoid Skid Row, where someone might rob you and give you a vacation story you won’t like telling your friends back home. If you stay in tourist-friendly areas, though, you should do fine.

You can hop on the bus and head to Santa Monica or catch a cab or Uber just as easily. When you reach Santa Monica, you will see why people love LA so much. The boardwalk stretches as far as you can see, and there’s the Pacific Ocean, with the whitecaps crashing against the shore.

You can get overpriced tee-shirts and swim trunks and splash in the surf. You’ll see colourful characters with more tattoos and piercings than you could imagine. Maybe you’ll get a tattoo or piercing yourself to commemorate your trip. Otherwise, you might also check tattoo removal in Los Angeles if you have a failed or regretful tattoo.

Visit Canter’s for Lunch

When you get hungry, you can head to West Hollywood at Fairfax, where you’ll find Canter’s Jewish-style deli. This LA staple first appeared in Boyle Heights in 1931, but it moved years later.

This version has the best-corned beef sandwich on rye bread you’ve ever tasted, or you’d prefer some latkes with apple sauce or sour cream. You can look for movie stars and celebrities, as many of them stop by on the weekends. You can snap pictures for social media, and you won’t ever leave hungry.

Go to Hollywood Boulevard and Visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Hollywood Boulevard

Next, head to Hollywood Boulevard and Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The boulevard goes on for miles, but this section captures old Hollywood’s essence. You simply must visit to make your tour experience complete.

Mann’s Chinese Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theater have existed for many decades and have gone through many renovations. In front of the theatres, you’ll find costumed characters eager for cash tips from the tourists. You can snap a picture with your smartphone and encourage your kids to pose with Buzz Lightyear, Captain Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, or whoever they like.

If you want to see a movie at Grauman’s, you should know it’s not cheap. The tickets get more expensive yearly, but it’s well worth it. 

Grauman’s boasts some of the world’s biggest screens and loudest speaker systems. Seeing a movie there will practically blow out your eardrums, but the gorgeous interior with all the period detail makes up for it.

Walk in Echo Park

Next, you can walk around the Echo Park area. The lake there usually attracts many interesting neighbourhood characters, and you can rent a paddleboat and paddle around with the swans, ducks, and geese.

When you finish, you can walk over to Chavez Ravine, where you’ll find Dodger Stadium. If it’s baseball season, you can catch the team as they take on the rival Giants or Padres. Get a Dodger dog slathered with mustard.

You Can Visit So-Fi Stadium

Los Angeles now features So-Fi Stadium, where the Rams and Chargers play. For years, the city didn’t have a football team, and now, they have two. The Rams and Chargers play their home games there, and the stadium has brought commerce to the Inglewood area.

You might see a game during football season, but you can also tour the stadium during the offseason. It’s an incredible multibillion-dollar architectural marvel. You might also see a concert or some other sporting event there.

You Can Visit the Getty and Griffith Park

Griffith Observatory

Next, you might check out The Getty. It opened in 1997, and you will find many incredible artworks from some of the world’s best-known painters and sculptors.

It also has some lovely gardens through which you can walk. You should enjoy the architecture as well. Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park are nearby, and you can visit them simultaneously. These landmarks appear in many movies and TV shows and are high on any must-see list, not just in LA but anywhere in America.

You might check out Arena, formerly the Staples Center, where Kobe Bryant played till his tragic death and where LeBron James currently plays alongside Anthony Davis. They won a championship in 2020, adding to the Laker dynasty.

You may spend time at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum. It is still an active research site, and you can watch archaeologists remove fossils from the pits. You can see animal reproductions and bones dating back millions of years.

LA has a little something for the family’s art lover, sports fan, foodie, and anyone you bring along. You can ask each family member how they want to spend some time so that everyone has fun and makes some great memories. You will surely look back on this experience fondly in the coming years.

How a Los Angeles Trip Can Delight Your Whole Family 2

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