Day 2

Well I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, Mummy said that we were sharing our room with two very silly women. One of them kept playing a musical teddy to her baby all night, I quite liked it but Mummy said it just annoying. And the woman in the bed next to us left her spot light on all night next to my curtain so I just laid there looking at it. Then the woman fell asleep and started snoring really loudly. Mummy said that she wants us to go home today as she’s had enough of being in here. I wonder what she means about going "home"?

Nanna has come to visit me and Mummy and we have a cuddle but its really hot. Mummy says that the sunshine is beating through the window – whatever, I’m going to sleep!!

Daddy and Little Bean have arrived to take us "home". Little Bean is really funny, she seems very excited and keeps kissing me and brushing my cheek with her fingers. Mummy changes my clothes again and then squashes me up into this big thing with a bar on the top. She said it’s my car seat, fine but I don’t like it! Then to make matters worse she puts me on the floor and Little Bean decides to rock me but I think she’s a bit too enthusiastic and I feel a bit sick!

When we leave Daddy puts me into something called a car? I don’t know where everyone has gone, I can hear them and I can just about see Little Bean but I don’t know where Mummy and Daddy are? Its a weird sensation because I feel like we’re moving but I’m just staring at a big blank thing??? Oh no, I feel sleepy again.

Day 2 1

Now we’re at "Nanny and Grandad’s" apparently. Everyone keeps cuddling me and Little Bean keeps squashing me but I think its because she likes me? Nanny keeps telling me I look a lot like my Daddy, I wonder if that’s a good thing?

OK so this is "home"? There’s only Mummy, Daddy, Little Bean and me here, its pretty quiet but I recognise some of the sounds. I think I’ve been here before. Me and Mummy chill out on the sofa and I enjoy a really nice feed. It feels good to be "home"!!!

Just had a visit from Nanna and Karin. I’ve heard their voices before, Nanna keeps kissing me and she smells really nice. Karin has got a funny voice, Mummy says it because she is American – I wonder what that means?

I’ve had quite a lot of sleep today and am feeling full of energy now, lets see if Mummy and Daddy want to play.  Its gone a bit dark and Mummy and Daddy keep laying down and not talking?!?!  Oh well I’ll just keep shouting at them, that seems to work!!

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