Daily Delight: 6 Steps to Embrace Happiness in Your Life

Unlike many luxuries, happiness is the cheapest yet most sought-after possession. We are taught that the little things matter, whether a small cup of coffee in the morning or the night before the weekend. 

But we often fail to notice that these small things can also cease to look the same if you are in a bad mood. A cup of coffee and a weekend will not always be the same for you if you don’t want them to be. Therefore, what exactly is happiness?

As science says, it is a chemical rush of serotonin and dopamine that everyone loves to chase. But is that all that happiness is – a defined set of words?

For you, happiness can be your pet, your grandmom, or your bike, but on the other hand, these things might not hold the same value to someone as they do to you. This proves that happiness doesn’t exist in external entities but is something else that remains constant in these perceived sources of happiness. You!

Daily Delight: 6 Steps to Embrace Happiness in Your Life 1

Here is how you can identify the happiness in you and embrace it:

Daily Delight: 6 Steps to Embrace Happiness in Your Life 2
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The world is how you see it. For instance, your pet is a source of joy for you not because it radiates happiness or some secret chemicals but because of how you see it.

This lens that evokes an emotion of ‘happiness’ is called gratitude. You are happy to see your pet because somewhere in your mind, you are thankful for it being a part of your life. 

Gratitude, or a state of being thankful, is telling yourself and others that you appreciate them. If you do not know where to start your gratitude journey in order to feel happy, here are some gratitude practice ideas. Start thanking everyone who offers you something and write a journal at night about it. You can also write a note to your loved one telling them that you appreciate them.

This power of gratitude will make you happy and bring positivity to your life.

We often see expression as a weakness, but that’s where we go wrong. Expressing is an art that makes us creative and happy. It is crucial to acknowledge all kinds of emotions you feel, be it anger, pain, or happiness. Neglecting any emotion will make you bottle them and ultimately lead to stress or depression.

Give attention to what you are feeling and express it. You can also talk to a loved one or take a walk-in nature as it clarifies your mind. In addition to this, if you feel overwhelmed, create a collage or a photo album about all the things in life you appreciate. This will let you feel light and boost your creativity. 

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Since happiness starts with you, it is essential to keep yourself happy. Rather than chasing fake doses of dopamine through social media, look for it in natural sources like exercise and nature.

When you wake up, make sure you are out to witness the sunrise. Sun is the primary source of Vitamin D, which makes your bones healthy and helps boost your mood.

Words hold power. Make sure your words and thoughts are encouraging and positive. Whatever you say about yourself shouldn’t be negative as the energy in your words slowly manifests itself. 

As happiness starts with you, make sure you are in a healthy space for yourself. Speak to yourself like you would talk to a loved one. Focus on the good things and positive sides of life. This will change your perspective towards things in a positive way.

Daily Delight: 6 Steps to Embrace Happiness in Your Life 4

Introspection is the best way to strengthen the lens you see everyone with. If your lens is blurry, the world will be blurred. Hence, to embrace happiness, make sure you see the world in a positive light.

You can introspect or self-reflect by journaling or giving yourself time. This helps you focus on yourself rather than worldly matters. A tree is strongest when its roots are strong, not when its leaves and branches are. In the same manner, it is essential to feed your spirit and work on your inner self in order to be happy. 

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We are what we eat, and this statement isn’t only confined to food. Today, the world is engulfed by social media and devices. The same social media that was once used for information is now a platform for commercialization. 

We spend hours scrolling through the pages and feeding our minds what has been shown to us. This creates a negative impact on our minds about body image and self-confidence.

If you want to lead a happy life, make sure you minimize the use of social media. Moreover, social media has also been proven to be responsible for depression. Therefore, be mindful of what you consume through your mouth, ears and eyes.

Happiness is subjective and, therefore, cannot be defined. It is like a choice for you that you must make daily. It is not found in the outside world but within you. Since you are the vessel for your happiness, ensure you are healthy.

To embrace joy, start including gratitude in your lifestyle and wait for the magic to happen. When you nurture the source of happiness, it becomes endless.

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