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Creating ambience with Philips myGarden Solar lights

Now that the Summer holidays are upon us and we are mostly enjoying some warmer weather it makes you want to spend more time outside in the garden right? Ordinarily this would be the case, but you see I have a problem with our garden. I don’t like it!

The garden at our previous house was large, with a big patio area, a barked play area for the children with huge wooden climbing frame, a large shed, a decked area with patio furniture, a large grass area for the children to have a kick-about and a side passage to hide away all the stinky wheelie bins. Our old garden was a large rectangular shape, so it felt open and spacious. This garden, is a silly shape with shady areas, lots of manhole/utility covers and I just don’t like it. We have lived here for nearly 4 years now and other than laying some turf, barking the area behind the garage for the children’s toys and sticking a huge trampoline into one corner for the children we really haven’t done a lot with it at all. It’s not a garden we enjoy sitting in, it’s not great for BBQ’s or socialising so we tend to stick to the house.

Garden makeover

Obviously the children play in the garden and they love it but they will often ask me to sit outside to watch them but it’s just not a place to relax in so we are starting to put some ideas together to make our garden somewhere that we want to be; somewhere that we want to spend some time with the children.

Our only outside light up until now has been the security light at the back door which isn’t exactly mood setting, it just serves a purpose but we have been looking in B&Q to get some ideas of what we want to do and then as if my magic our garden fairy landed in the form of an email from Philips asking if we would be interested in reviewing a light from their myGarden Solar range. When I think of ‘solar’ lighting I often think of those lights which just kind of ‘glow’ as opposed to providing any light which is worthwhile but the myGarden Solar range are brilliant. They offer a good selection of wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lights and pedestal lights. We chose this anthracite wall light with motion sensor technology.

Philips myGarden Solar Light

Since the light is powered by the sun, there are no need for power cables or messing with electrics to fit it. Hubby just drilled a couple of holes in the garage wall, mounted it and we were ready to go. It was out of the box and installed on the wall in less than 10 minutes, in fact I think it took Hubby longer to find the drill bit in the garage than it did to put the light up. I have to admit the light does look a little odd when fixed to the wall because it looks like it is hanging away from the wall but it is actually securely fixed, it’s just the angle of the fixings. It has switches on the side so that you can switch it on and off manually or you can leave it so that it comes on when it detects movement. This makes it a great light to welcome you home when the darker nights start to creep in again.

The thing about the Wall Light which impressed us the most was the light emitted. As I mentioned previously I have always associated solar lights with a bit of a pointless glow but the Philips myGarden Wall Light gives off a really good light and providing the weather conditions have been bright it will continue to provide good light for up to 6 hours. If it has been a little more overcast, the light is likely to last around 2 hours BUT it won’t cost you a penny other than the initial outlay of the light itself which is very competitively priced against electricity-powered garden lights.

Now that we have tried this one, we have agreed that we will definitely be buying more to make our garden a little more inviting. Have you tried solar lighting before?

DISCLAIMER: We were given the above Philips myGarden Solar Wall Light free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


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  1. July 22, 2014 / 7:20 am

    I have to admit your garden doesn’t look like the best designed garden! I like the look of those lights – we will be after some new ones when we move so I will keep a look out for them!

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