Crawling to Cruising in just one week!

For a few weeks now Beanie Boy has been on his hands and knees rocking as though ready to crawl, I just knew it was going to happen any day.  Well that day was last Friday to be exact, he began taking a few tentative moves forward with his hands and then his knees. 

And then yesterday he decided that crawling was for babies and he wasn’t prepared to be a baby one day longer.  He crawled his way over to the sofa, steeled himself and then slowly lifted himself to standing and gave me the biggest smile of pride he could muster.  But still, this was not enough for my beautiful boy, oh no, he was out to impress and one foot after the other he edged his way along the sofa until he had reached my mobile phone at the other end.  It looks like my baby days are almost over, soon my little man will be a toddler and then I’ll never get a moments peace.

4 thoughts on “Crawling to Cruising in just one week!”

  1. Bless him what a clever boy, can’t believe me done crawling and cruising so close together, love the videos, he looks so proud of himself xxx

    • He’s into everything now, already lost count of the number of times he has pulled the plant pot over in the hall!! Such fun x

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