Could your child have Water Warts?

At some point in your parenting journey (numerous times to be fair) you will discover spots on your child’s skin. Some spots are harmless pimples, others might be insect bites, allergy rashes, eczema, chicken pox or warts.

Will went through a period of having warts regularly on his hands as a young child. The Doctors indicated the warts were a result of stress at school. As the stress subsided, the warts disappeared and thankfully never returned.

What are Water Warts?

Water Warts

Molluscum Contagiosum is a skin condition commonly called Water Warts. They are clusters of raised, skin-coloured spots up to 5mm across with a small dimple in the middle. They are usually very itchy too. Initially they can look like small pearls on the skin.

Water Warts

The Water Warts virus can be caught at any time of the year and spreads quickly amongst children and adults. It affects 4 out of 5 under 15 years olds and is most common in children under 5. If you are unsure whether your child has Water Warts, you should visit your GP or Practice Nurse.

How do Water Warts spread?

Water Warts spread easily when in contact with an infected person through sharing toys, towels and bedding. Think sleepovers, swimming, paddling pools and soft play centres. These are all times when children are in close contact with others. As with all infection risks it is important that hands are washed regularly.

Can I treat Water Warts at home?


Yes. MolluTinc is a water warts treatment you can buy over the counter. MolluTinc is suitable to treat water warts in children over 2 years old and in adults. Treatment is painless and normally lasts 2-10 days. The Water Warts will disappear in 1-5 weeks after the treatment has finished.

How to use MolluTinc


  • Begin by protecting the skin around the water warts with petroleum jelly.
  • Using the brush provided apply MolluTinc directly to the Water Warts twice a day.


  • Within 2 to 10 days of starting treatment the water warts will become inflamed and turn red.
  • This indicates that the MolluTinc is working and is not a cause for concern.


  • Once the spots turn red you can stop treatment.
  • The Water Warts will disappear in 1 to 5 weeks.

How does MolluTinc Water Warts treatment work?

MolluTinc Water Warts treatment is the only product in the UK to contain 10% potassium hydroxide. It works by breaking down the Water Warts which allows the body’s immune system to fight the virus.



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