Clever Tykes – storybooks to inspire the next generation plus GIVEAWAY!!

Anyone walking around our house would notice we have a LOT of books. Books are a gateway to inspiration, knowledge, adventure, fantasy and so much more. Curly can lose himself for days at a time in a book and I think that’s a great thing for him to enjoy. The more that Little Bean is clicking with her reading, the more she too is beginning to find a real love for reading books to herself. Reading together or looking at books alone is something we have encouraged ever since the Beans were babies and it’s something they all love.

Before Christmas we were sent a set of books I hadn’t heard of before called Clever Tykes. Clever Tykes is a set of three stories aimed at primary school children which has been bringing positive entrepreneurial role models into the classrooms of over 50 schools across the UK and now they are available for the home too.

Clever Tykes

The books main characters are Cody, Cho and Willow who realise that there is something very special about each of them and so they set about making their own little ventures. The series includes Walk-It Willow; the story of a girl who loves dogs and starts her own service for neighbours, Code It Cody; a computer whizz kid who creates his very own computer game and Change It Cho; who has a passion for health and fitness and wants to encourage others to eat healthily and get more exercise.

The book which appealed most to Little Bean (who is in Key Stage 2 – target audience) was Walk-It Willow as she too loves animals and would love the opportunity to work with them herself when she is older. Little Bean recognised many personality traits in Willow that were similar to her own and she loves the chance to do a bit of problem solving so it was interesting to hear her take on how she would put things right.

Clever Tykes storybooks aim to introduce important life skills to young children through positive entrepreneurial role models”, commented founder Ben Cook. “We’re passionate about raising aspirations in children everywhere through enterprise educations, and we want to make sure that children, whatever their background, believe in themselves and excel in whichever career path they choose”, he added.

Children naturally aspire to be like people they know or look up to, whether it’s their parents, their teachers or people they see on TV. Little Bean particularly loves Steve Backshall (as does Mummy) and Naomi Wilkinson and thanks to their great shows she has been inspired to learn more about animals. Clever Tykes is passionate about using their stories to promote important skills and characteristics in children as they grow-up and to give young kids the opportunity to be inspired. The books empower them to feel that they too have what it takes to carve out a successful career doing something they love.

The books are very easy to read and written in a clear font with amusing black and white images to accompany the story.

Clever Tykes (RRP £7.99 each or complete series of three stories for £19.99) are available to purchase from and are also available from Amazon and Waterstones.

WIN Clever Tykes Storybooks (set of 3) x 1

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a complimentary set of books for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


121 thoughts on “Clever Tykes – storybooks to inspire the next generation plus GIVEAWAY!!”

  1. We love science, star gazing and astronomy in our house so we watch prof Brian Cox a lot and I’d say apart from us as parents it’s prof Cox who has a great impact on my children! As you can imagine when they are older, they want to be out there discovering new life, planets and infinity of our universe.

  2. At the moment its Tim Peake. My daughter has always been interested in space and having a Brit up there has really increased her enthusiasm.

  3. His support teacher at school with whom he has a very close relationship and she has inspired him in so many ways, 3 levels of reading since September to start with.

  4. It would be nice to say it’s me as I spend the most time with him, but I’ve got a feeling it’s his older cousin who he apes continously 😉

  5. I think my daughter inspires my grand-daughter most,from the time she was tiny my daughter would read constantly with her,she’s now only four and her knowledge is incredible,she got over forty books at Christmas a large majority were educational.She has spends hours doing art with her and her paintings,for a four year old are really good,you don’t have to ask what it is,if it’s a person she has a body,head with hair eyes nose and mouth,arms and legs.It really does show the difference constant stimulation can make x

  6. I’d love to say me however i’m pretty sure it’s his great nanny bell, he stays with her every Monday night to ‘look after her’. Personally I think it’s all the stories she tells him of when she was little that makes him want to stay <3

  7. has to be me (there mum) im single now 8 years on with twins and little ones and ive done a dam good job with my kids, they all help around the house and im always being told how good there manners are 🙂

  8. my daughter (6) is inspired by Tim Peake at the moment and she now want to be an astronaut, she just loves anything associated with space.

    who inspires my twin boys (3)?, I would love to say me but its probably Buzz Lightyear or Mr Tumble 🙂

  9. I’d like to think I inspire my daughter but I know it’s probably other children and seeing what they can do. It pushes her to try more.

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