Why do children stick things up their noses?

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Beanie Boy has had a fascination with his nose for a while now, most of the time it’s just his fingers that he sticks up there but every now and then he will find something random to stick up there too. The one which I really didn’t understand was the top of a Haribo packet which I had torn off for him and was in the door pocket of the car waiting to be thrown away. He came to me crying saying that his nose hurt and when I looked to see what was wrong I was shocked to that sharp crinkly plastic stuck there. He had managed to push it so far up that I had to use tweezers to retrieve it?!?!?!? You have to wonder what would make him think that would be a good idea, dont you?!

Tonight, shortly after bedtime I popped upstairs to get something only to find Beanie Boy standing outside his bedroom door with blood all over his face and hands. I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up whilst Daddy changed his bedding which was covered in blood too. Initially BB said that he hadn’t done anything but with a little gentle questioning it turned out he had stuck a Spiderman figure up his nose! Seriously? Hubby and I are completely confused as neither of us were the sort of children to stick things up our noses, so what is the story with that? Do they think; I wonder what will happen if I stick this up my nose? Do they have such a bad sense of smell that they need to stick an item all the way up their nose in order to smell it or do they not think anything at all?

Were you an nasally inquisitive child, or do you have one? I would love to hear your thoughts/advice/tips . . . don’t be shy!

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4 thoughts on “Why do children stick things up their noses?”

  1. Lol, my sister once got a lego brick stuck in her nose. The hospital couldn’t get it out so were going to do some sort of procedure that involved freezing her nose I think. Luckily, she sneezed it out the day before she was due to go in. I don’t know what possessed her!

  2. Yuck! Luckily neither of mine have done anything like this (yet!) but E always has his finger up there! It does make you wonder what they are thinking doesn’t it. Hope he grows out of it soon.

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