Have you checked out eBay Buyer’s Guides yet?

When I was asked to create an eBay Buyer’s Guide I didn’t have a Scooby Doo what they were talking about. I had no idea at all that you could even do such a thing but as it turns out, there are Buyer’s Guides for just about anything you would consider buying on eBay. I don’t know about you but we use eBay loads to buy items as we like to grab a bargain and there’s often so much choice but it can be a little difficult at times knowing if there might be something that you have missed so that’s where a guide comes in handy.

ebay buyers guide

I have written my guide on Back to School as that seems to be constantly on my mind at the moment and I still haven’t remembered to buy them new school socks! Why not pop over and see if you can learn anything new and grab a bargain or perhaps you have a burning desire to share your tips with the world and create your own guide. It’s really easy to do, just click on the ‘Write a Guide’ tab, start writing and adding links and images if you want to then submit it to eBay to be published. Job done!

Right then, where do I find school socks?

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