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Ikea reveals new catalogue with a time travel experiment

Sometimes it would be quite nice to be able to have a sneak peak into your future, Hubby and I have been discussing our future quite a bit just recently as Jelly Bean is growing fast from our cute little baby into a full on boy with attitude. It’s hard to imagine what life will be like without a house full of baby stuff as our children grow. This time next year we can imagine that the boy’s bedroom will no longer be home to a cot and rocking chair but do we go for single beds or bunks, how do we know what will work best for us? When it comes to furnishing our home we often turn to Ikea first because we like their modern designs, their space-saving ideas and of course their affordable price tags.

As Autumn has landed Ikea have launched their new catalogue with a quirky time travel experiment to give customers a chance to look into their future.


In the experiment world-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz put young couples in deep trance before they’re exposed with predicted life-changing everyday events, in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms. Two videos, both featuring young couples being hypnotized into believing they’re in their future were released August 20th. With the Time Travel Experiment, IKEA put the spotlight on those big moments happening in our everyday lives that has an affect on how we live. Because, when life goes through changes, so does our home.

“With the new IKEA catalogue we want to inspire people to look at their home in new ways, especially the bedroom and bathroom – where the everyday begins and ends”, says Johan Wickmark, catalogue manager at IKEA.


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