Charitable Xmas Gift: Empower & Protect Girls With Gifts Of Play from *Right To Play*

Looking to make a donation this Christmas to really make a difference in someone’s life? Checked out what your donations can do for these deserving girls with Right to Play.


£5 – Protect a child from preventable diseases Teaching children how diseases are spread and how they can be prevented is a crucial part of keeping them healthy. Right To Play use play-based activities to teach hand washing, mosquito net usage and safe sex education. Your gift will help provide a child with the skills they need to protect themselves from HIV, malaria and other life-threatening diseases, improving their chances at a long and healthy life.


Charitable Giving

£30 – Empower a girl to rise by advocating for her right to education   Education is a precondition for reducing poverty, especially for girls in developing countries. Your gift will enable a girl to receive the play-based education she needs in the classroom on gender equality, equal participation, her rights as a girl, and protection from gender-based violence to rise above her circumstances and empower her to advocate for her rights.


Charitable Giving

£80 – Give students the gift of expression through art, drama, free play, sport   Your gift will provide children with the play equipment they need to be creative and engage in fun, innovative and educational games which build their life-skills and promote healthy behaviour. Play equipment to paint, do theatre, write poetry and play sports are all crucial tools for successful play-based learning.


£150 – can empower 10 girls to rise and become our leaders of tomorrow
When young girls hold leadership positions, they promote positive change among their peers and in their communities. Your gift will help empower 10 girls to become leaders in their community through Right to Play’s leadership training at their school. Delivered through play-based activities, these girls will gain self-confidence, self-respect, and hope for a better future.

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