Can Anyone Be Their Own Real Estate Agent?

With most of Australia’s real estate market slowing down, the question on everyone’s mind is: is it possible to sell your home by cancelling out intermediaries – intermediaries being the real estate agents, that is. The answer to this question is fairly simple – yes, it certainly is possible to do so – but the procedure, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In a rapid selling market, it’s easy for anyone to plant a board outside their house and watch the buyers float in – with or without the assistance of an agent. This is because every buyer is looking for the best house they can find for the best price. When the market is slow, it isn’t that simple, but it’s definitely not impossible either. If you’re among the people who wish to cut out the mediator involved in selling your house, here are some steps on how to sell without an agent:

Fix All Repairs

Can Anyone Be Their Own Real Estate Agent?
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When you’re trying to sell a house without the assistance of an agent, you are the only person who is in charge of getting the best price for your house. To do so, you’d have to make your case convincing to the buyer – which also means that the house must be in the best condition possible. Many buyers are uncertain about buying houses directly from the seller, especially if they are in bad condition. Thus, you should ensure that you fix all repairs and restore your house to perfection.

Accumulate All of the Required Documentation

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When you sell with an agent’s help, gathering documentation and presenting it to the buyer is quite simple. However, being your own real estate agent removes that luxury, so you must be prepared to do the dirty work independently. Gather all required documentation with the help of a checklist, so you’re sure you haven’t left anything out. Additionally, harness the internet’s power and find out further information about digital marketing for real estate in your locality and the required documents.

Market Your House Effectively

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There are many different ways to market a house that a home seller can use when they take up the tedious task of selling their home independently. Since this is how you’re going to reach out to potential buyers, a lot of time and thought must be given to this step. The first thing one should do is spread the word to friends, acquaintances, family and relatives. Often, when people hear from reliable sources, they are more likely to consider buying a house directly from the seller.

In addition to that, there are tons of websites that you can use to market your house to thousands of people. Putting up advertisements on the internet and in newspapers has always proven to be effective, too. The key to selling your house on your own is to be patient and dedicated, and prepared to handle the task’s responsibilities at hand.


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