Can a bread maker help my fussy eater?

Since I wrote this post last week about the new challenge facing me with Little Bean’s fussy eating, my mind has been whirring with ideas to find ways of getting some extra goodness into what Little Bean will eat. I have read some great posts on Capture By Lucy on Bento Lunch Boxes which I am definitely going to try but I have been trying to think a little more deviously about how I can sneak goodness into her foods because Little Bean is such a fussy eater that she just will not try new foods.

A lesson in the 5 Senses

Can a bread maker help my fussy eater?

At school this week they are learning about the five senses and on Thursday they are going to be testing different fruits and vegetables, I can’t wait to see how Little Bean gets on with that since the only fruit she will eat is banana at a push and no vegetables at all.

Sneaky Mummy

At the moment the only way I have been able to get her to eat fruit and veg is by way of the Ella’s Kitchen and Plum puree pouches which got me thinking . . . .

I wonder if I could bake my own bread and add the pouches to make flavoured bread which she could take in her lunch box instead of sandwiches since she loves bread so much but can now only take it plain to school. What do you think, do you have any recipes that you could recommend? Should I use a bread maker or just cook it in the oven? What are the advantages of a bread maker over the oven?

I am also thinking it could be a good ides to get Little Bean to help me to make the bread but since I have never made bread in my life I wouldn’t know where to begin???

As always, any suggestions or advice are gratefully accepted x

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