Buy beautiful gifts at Sainsbury’s to support the Poppy Appeal

When I visited the #TowerPoppies with the boys a couple of weeks ago, it really brought it home just how many lives (888,246 to be precise) were lost fighting for our Country during the First World War and it filled me with a mixture of sorrow and pride. I had a conversation with one of Little Bean’s teachers this week and she was telling me that she had been lucky enough to be selected as a volunteer to help plant the #TowerPoppies, what an enormous sense of pride she must have felt in doing so. Each one of those Poppies represented someone’s child, someone’s parent, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend, loved one and comrade.


As a Country I think we do well to remember those who have fought for us and not lived to tell the tale. If like me, you logged onto the Tower Poppies website to purchase a poppy to help donate to the six service charities but were disappointed to find out you were too late then you can still show support by popping down to your local Sainsbury’s and purchasing from the beautiful range of gifts they have on offer with all profits being donated to The Royal British Legion on sales made between 1st November and 11th November 2014.

Poppy Appeal

Prices start at just £2.00 for a keyring and rise to £6 for a travel mug.

Poppy Appeal

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