Bumptastic & Peachy!

There’s never been a better time to be pregnant!

Bumptastic & Peachy! 1Pregnancy has been in the news this month as the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to the future King of England. According to a new survey from Babeswithbabies.com it’s never been a better era to be pregnant for women.

Say goodbye to the tent, and hello – ‘bump-tastic’. Our partners are finding us sexier than ever, and it’s cool to be pregnant in the work place.

Online maternity destination, Babeswithbabies.com commissioned a national representative survey, which discovered that pregnancy today is considered empowering. And the men love it too!

Over 80% of women found their partner loved their new shape, with over a quarter finding them more attractive.

In terms of style choices, women of today no-longer hide away under baggy dungarees. Over 60% chose tight, figure hugging clothes over loose.

Being pregnant at work is not the issue it once was either with more than half of survey respondents sailing through the work place, with confidence.

The poll of 680 adult mothers showed that two thirds felt stylish throughout their pregnancy; with a quarter describing themselves as feeling ‘ultra-feminine’. Only 9% described themselves at ‘fat & frumpy’.

Sophie Devonshire founder of Babes with Babies said: {Thanks to the great technical advances in fabric and design, there has never been a better time to look and feel stylish when pregnant. Our partners are finding us more attractive, and we are happy and confident at work. Over 90% of women are also comfortable showing off their bump at work.}

The results indicate the most challenging maternity style occasion are weddings or formal dos, with a third of women struggling to feel confident and comfortable at these events.

Devonshire continues: {I think the Duchess of Cambridge has carried off her pregnancy style with aplomb. Particularly considering the fact that she’s constantly in the spotlight, and the numerous official occasions she had to look stylish, confident and comfortable at. These type of events, along with the added pressure of the media attention, are a mega challenge when pregnant.}

While the bump is sited as the favourite feature during pregnancy, the legs and skin were the least liked. How do women treat themselves? Top of the pampering list were specialist beauty products and having a massage.

Further data from the research

· What not to say: 34% of women found “You Look Tired” the worst comment, and 30% said “Look at the size of you.” Julia Roberts once famously said {I think the second-meanest thing you can say to a new mum is ‘You look tired.’} (the meanest thing is ‘when’s it due’ when you’ve already had the baby’)

· Shoe Shocker: 1 in 4 (25% of women said their feet grew during pregnancy) and over 50% wore flatter shoes.

· Body Changes: In order these were the least liked features during pregnancy:-

1. Legs

2. Bum

3. Skin

4. Boobs

5. Arms

6. Bump

7. Hair

8. Nails

9. Eyes

· Style Favourites: Jeans are in & mini-skirts are out – Over 50% said a great pair of jeans the most important item in their maternity wardrobe – and less than 0.2% siting a short skirt as key. Probably because of the fact that most people disliked their legs when pregnant. 64% of women looked good with over 20% feeling more stylish.

· Best features:

1. Bump

2. Hair

3. Boobs

4. Skin

· Bumptastic: Over 64% of women wore tighter clothes during pregnancy to show off their bump.

· Pregnancy in the work place: Almost 90% of respondents felt confident showing their bump in the workplace with only 4% feeling embarrassed in front of colleagues.

· Favourite fashion accessories in order of preference

1. A Scarf

2. Jewellery

3. Shoes

4. Handbags

Biggest style challenge occasion during pregnancy :

1. Wedding (27%)

2. Formal occasions (20%)

3. Evening Outs (14%)

Easiest and most comfortable style occasion is a date with your partner!!

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