Build Your Muscles, A Mother Should Always Move These Mountains

When we became parents, we made an unspoken vow to provide everything we can for our children. And, we mean it with all our hearts. What mother doesn’t want their child to grow in an environment rich in everything they could ever need?

Of course, it isn’t always possible to provide everything. Life gets in the way, time is limited, and sometimes, it can help your children to hear the word no. We’ve all watched in horror as a child throws themselves on the floor to get what they want. And, when it happens, every one of us is grateful it isn’t our kids. But, give them too much of a good thing, and they’ll soon act out that exact way.

That said, it’s important to know what your children can and can’t do without. There are some things that, as a mother, you should always try to provide where possible. To ensure you don’t compromise in the wrong places, we’re going to look at three areas in which your brood should always get an abundant crop.


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Every child should have open access to any opportunities they wish to explore. This includes things like the ability to go on school trips, or the chance to join after-school groups. If your child wants to learn the piano, it’s down to you to make sure they can do it. Even if you have to head to sites like to fund the enterprise, there should be no question.

Of course, there’s every chance you move mountains to afford a hobby they give up after three lessons, but that’s the way the parenting cookie crumbles. The point is that you move those mountains anyway.


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It’s also essential you support your child in everything. Providing opportunities helps you do this, but you also need to offer emotional support. Children are just as prone to feelings of anxiety as anybody, and when we’re feeling uncertain, we can be incredibly hard on ourselves. Without your support, your child may abandon things they love because they don’t think they’re good enough. They may even suffer in silence because they don’t feel they can come to you with their problems. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Unlike the above, support doesn’t cost a thing. Always tell your children how amazing they are, and how proud you feel of them. And, always react in a supportive manner when they come to you with difficult issues. If you shout them down or laugh at them, they may not try it again.


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And, of course; we’ve saved the best until last. Again, love costs nothing. And, you should shower it upon your children at every opportunity. If you aren’t very good at getting this right, sites like can help you here. For the most part, though, you need to show your kids affection. When young, they won’t be able to pick up on subtle shows of love. Instead, hug and kiss them on a regular basis, and tell them you love them, too.


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