5 Things Mums Can Do for Their Child’s School

As a mum, you likely want your children to have the best possible experiences as they grow up. That might mean attending the best schools and camps. Perhaps you want them to grow up with a diverse friend group to learn about different cultures.

5 Things Mums Can Do for Their Child’s School 1

It’s not uncommon for mums to involve themselves with a child’s school while that child attends it. Since some schools include many grades, it could be that your kid remains at that institution for several years running. You will probably get to know many of the other mums, teachers, the principal, etc.

You might wonder what you can do as a mum to help your child’s school while they go there, especially if you’ve grown close to some of the other adults who run the place. Here are a few ideas.

You Can Set Up a Silent Auction

Ways to bring in money for your child’s school would be one way you can help such an entity. You might set up a silent auction that can bring in some money if you can come up with items or experiences on which parents and other charity-minded people can bid.

The silent auction is different from a regular one in that there is no auctioneer, and people do not get together to do it. Instead, they submit bids on paper forms, or else they bid in real-time through a computer software system.

This is an ideal format during the pandemic because this way, parents and others who want to take part do not have to congregate in the same place. This is a way to ensure that Covid-19 transmission does not occur while still raking in plenty of money to help the school.

Set Up a Bake Sale

5 Things Mums Can Do for Their Child’s School 2

The school bake sale is another traditional way mums and parents, in general, can help the place where their child’s education occurs. Many schools these days don’t have a great deal of money or resources, so a bake sale might be the way to go.

Now would be the time for you to use your organizational skills. If you belong to the PTA, you can bring them in on this as well, so you’ll have as much support and as many resources as possible.

You can also contribute a bake sale item or more than one. If you have a famous family recipe for lemon squares or peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, now is the time to show it off.

Join the PTA

Speaking of parent-teacher associations, if your child’s school does have one, as most of them do, you should join it if you care about the school and what it’s doing for your kid. You can often make the most difference as a parent by joining the PTA.

You can do this because it will help the school, but you can have a little selfish motivation as well. Assuming you’re not too busy with work, the PTA can be a fun place where you can meet some of the other mums and maybe make some adult friends. You can get together to talk about fundraisers and things like that, but there is also no harm in making friends with whom you can grab lunch or get a cocktail in the evenings.

You Can Arrange to Go on Field Trips with the Kids

Field trips

Another great thing to do for your child’s school is to arrange to go on field trips with the class. Schools often look for parents who want to involve themselves in this way.

There are not as many field trips taking place at some schools these days because of various pandemic-related restrictions, but if there are any happening, volunteer. You can get to know some of your child’s classmates, and you can make sure the kids are eating the healthy parts of their lunches while you’re at it.

You Can Petition Corporations to Sponsor School Events

If there are various school events coming up, you can petition smaller local businesses or larger corporations to sponsor them. This tends to work better with larger business entities because they have more money for this sort of thing.

The more sponsorship you can get for these events, the better it is for the school and the kids. Even if a business entity will not give money, maybe they can come up with some other creative ways to contribute.

The more you do for your child’s school, the better you’re likely to feel about yourself.

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