Braving the Sea Life Ascarium for Halloween

The Sea Witch has arrived at Sea Life Birmingham and has hidden the secret ingredients for her bewitching potion at the Sea Life Ascarium amongst the weird and wonderful sea creatures. We asked the Beans how brave they were feeling and they declared that the Sea Witch was no match for them.

Sea Life Birmingham

A Spooktacular Event

Sea Life Birmingham Ascarium

Sea Life Birmingham invites you to attend a themed meet & greet at Sea Life Ascarium with the Sea Witch at Sea Life Centres now until 4th November. You’ll take part in an immersive in-tank trail as you encounter the creepy creatures of the deep whilst looking for the secret ingredients the Sea Witch needs for her magic potion. Find them all and you can claim your treasure.

Sea Life Birmingham

Sea Life Birmingham

We received a warm welcome at Sea Life Birmingham and were given details of our mission to search for the secret ingredients. Once inside, our first encounter was with Gentoo Penguins who were very interactive. The Beans had each been given a red badge to attach to their Sea Life lanyards, Albie was holding his badge in his hand as we were watching the Penguins at the window and accidentally dropped it. One penguin dived to the window to where the badge had fallen and then followed it as Albie moved it around. As you can imagine this amused the children immensely so of course, Lillie and Ollie had to give it a go too.

Freaky Sea Creatures

Sea Life Birmingham

As you navigate your way around the Sea Life Ascarium you’ll discover facts about some of the freakiest creatures of the sea. Such creatures include blobfish, the African tigerfish, barreleye fish and goblin sharks. Whilst walking through the 360 Ocean Tunnel we even spotted the magical unicorn fish.


Sea Life Birmingham Jelly Fish Invaders

There have been a number of changes at Sea Life Birmingham since our last visit, the Otters have gone and their enclosure is awaiting redevelopment, there is a new Piranha area at the entrance to the Octopus Hideout which enables the children to crawl through a tunnel behind their tank and after the 4D Cinema experience is a new Jelly Fish area where the Piranhas, turtles and tropical frogs used to live. I could have stayed watching the Jelly Fish for hours, they are so captivating. The Beans also loved the new interactive touch screen wall here where they could learn interesting facts or practice their artistic skills.

Ocean 360 Tunnel

Sea Life Birmingham

Our favourite part of visiting Sea Life Birmingham is always the Ocean 360 Tunnel, it’s such an amazing experience where we stay for the longest time because there is so much to take in. The sharks in particular love to lay on the top of the tunnel so it’s the perfect chance to see them up close without getting wet!

Did you know?

  • When Sea Life Birmingham first opened in 1996, the seawater was brought from Dorset by road in 45 tankers, it is still delivered this way every month to keep the tanks topped up.
  • Molokai the giant green sea turtle was rescued 40 years ago at Heathrow Airport from a lady trying to smuggle him in her handbag.
  • As well as looking after the sea creatures at Sea Life, their staff also volunteer to help clear up the canals in and around Birmingham.
  • In the last four years, Sea Life has rescued 241 turtles and released 149 turtles globally.

It’s worth remembering that as well as a great family day out, the National Sea Life Centres are continually working to protect, rehabilitate and conserve all the weird and wonderful creatures from seas all around the world. Isn’t it time you dived deeper into their world?

Sealife Birmingham




21 thoughts on “Braving the Sea Life Ascarium for Halloween”

  1. This looks like so much fun for the kids (and adults!) i love going though the tunnels and watching all the sharks! Great post, bet they will get lots of visitors over half term and Halloween!

  2. I have never actually been to Birmingham before. I must change that. We have a few Sealife Centres and they do hold great themed events we recently went to a Lego Explorers one at Brighton. The kids loved seeing the sharks and the rays.

    • Birmingham Sea Life is really surprising, it’s much bigger than it looks when you first walk in and has got a great collection of sea creatures, it doesn’t matter how many times we go the children still love it.

    • The kids will definitely thank you for it, it’s also handy to know that you can also get your hand stamped and go back in later in the day. We usually go in the morning, have lunch and go back in the afternoon. It’s interesting to see the difference in the fish when they have had a feed or are getting ready for feeding time x

  3. This is such a cool aquarium. I bet kids and children alike would have an equally great time. I wish we had some thing like this in India 🙂

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